via Project

A list of materials needed for existing projects in my stash.  On this page, the materials are listed by project to make it easier to kit up a particular project rather than just buying beautiful floss and fabric as it comes on sale.  Some of these need a lot of items to kit up, other just need one small piece.

If, when you click on a picture, it brings up a slide show, just click on the “permalink” button under the picture you want to see.


1 Response to via Project

  1. Kate Roland says:

    I have been following your blog for sometime. I have been sorry to hear of your medical problems of late. I do hope that a solution is found soon. If you have specific needs for ebb tide let me know. I have some purple threads that I would be willing to send you if they are a match to the piece. Merry Christmas, and prayers for a better 2012.

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