Yes I’m going to be bold and brave and I’m going to list all of my Works in Progress (WIPs) on this page.  More than that, I’m actually going to list how long each one has been a WIP!

No, I’m not joining Measi’s WIPocalypse as I don’t know how many of these I’ll actually stitch on this year, but in the interests of organisation, I thought I’d at least list them.  Also by putting them here, I’m owning up to them, taking responsibility for them and saying “Yes I still love this piece and I still want to finish this piece!

This page is a gallery so click on the thumbnail to see the starting date on each project. As these are Works in Progress I’ve only used the Chart Cover Photos in this gallery.

If you want to see my progress in stitching these designs, you need to view the individual galleries for each design; hover the mouse over the WIPs tab above and the projects will appear as a drop down menu.

This page is also a work in progress.  As I’m moving all of my photos and blog posts by hand over from multiply, I’m searching through my old files and external disc drives from the original photos rather that just taking a copy of multiply scaled down versions. Again I have lofty intentions but not the will to carry the project through to its end yet, so not all of my WIPs are on this page or in their galleries yet.


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