Wish Lists

I’ve been quietly asked (or not so quietly poked in one case) by a couple of friends to update and gather my Wish lists into one place.  Seeing as my brain is now Swiss Cheese this is probably a Good Idea so that *I* know what and where everything is too.

Please note: This is not a plea to send me anything. This is not a “I need more stuff” request. I think we can all agree I don’t need more stuff – I just love beautiful things. I am also surrounded by friends that I do not deserve, who send beautiful things to cheer me up sometimes.

There are some expensive items on these lists – they are for family at Christmas time so I can say “Yes Dad, for that amount here’s what I’m drooling after” and then he can tell my mum what to go and buy. This is a family tradition that has gone on since before the Internet and will only pass on when my Dad does I think …

There are also some 50 cent skeins of thread on this list and frankly receiving a little card in the mail with a couple of skeins of floss or packet of beads in it makes me deliriously happy.   As I have spent since March 2011 in a hermit-like existence avoiding public places due to uncontrollable noise-induced migraines, receiving a little something in the mail really does lift my spirits, especially if it is just that last skein needed to start that gorgeous new design!

General Items

Etsy Favourites – I love Etsy. It’s like going around a handicraft market without getting jostled and sunburnt and having some kid drop his ice-cream down my lap!  Yes my favourites are mostly earrings. I have a thing for earrings. And a couple of beautiful pieces of artwork 🙂

Amazon.co.uk – UK Amazon used to have a free shipping to Australia promotional going, so most of my DVD wish list is on Amazon.co.uk.  Don’t bother judging me for what is on this list – I am immune to your scorn 🙂

Amazon.com – Pop up books, plushies, graphic novels and a few DVDs that haven’t or wont make it to the UK.

Serendipitous Finds – Things I see as I roam around the web that I would love.  For example – don’t you love the tea dragons?

Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch is my main hobby and has been nearly two decades. Everything else comes and goes but this is my therapy and my relaxation. Also my main form of retail therapy 🙂

Like all forms of needlecraft, you buy the pattern or chart, and then you buy the threads and fabric needed to stitch it up.  Therefore I have lots of charts in my stash and the practical, sensible choices would be to concentrate on obtaining the fabric and threads needed to stitch up the charts I have before obtaining more charts.

All of these wishlists are in the process of being moved from Multiply to WordPress. So some of these are in two places at once. Both lists are accurate.

Via Project is my latest list. It shows what is needed for each project if you want to see a particular project stitched up or if you want to look through and find a project that only needs one or two skeins of floss if you happen to have those exact skeins spare in your stash.

Old Fabric Wishlist and New Fabric WishList – this lists the fabrics called for in the charts or alternative fabrics that might look better :). If you click on each picture it will give a link to the fabric dyer and the chart I will use it in (for those interested).

Threads Wishlist and Beads & Buttons Wishlist – these list each thread or item needed and how many skeins are required for each chart. At the bottom of the list are the more expensive kits of threads and fibres for projects.  One of the nicest traditions of stitchers is to send a card with a couple of skeins of thread in it to a friend for no discernible reason. We call it a RAK. That is what started this list; I love sending and receiving those cards 🙂

And because practical and sensible have never been my watchwords:

Blackwork Wish List – I fell in love with Blackwork when I was in the SCA and I’m still in love with it 🙂  Blackwork stitches up so fast compared to Cross Stitch and can look so elegant.  As can be seen in the Wish List, I’m also indulging my love of historic costuming here too 🙂

Canvas Work Wish List – Canvas Work is my newest love in the needlework field. It has larger holes so I can see it more easily when the migraines are bad.  Canvas work has a textural component that is missing in most counted cross stitch. As can be seen, I chose most of these pieces for the texture 🙂

New Cross Stitch Designs 2012, New Designs 2011, Cross Stitch Chart List A-E, List F-M and List N-Z.  Yes I like a lot of different beautiful things. There was a time when my Wish Lists were used as reference points to show new stitchers to the Internet the wide range of charts available compared to the small stocks in their local Spotlight or Lincraft store.


So where the heck do you buy all of this stuff? Well stitchers may already have some of it in their stash, that’s one reason these lists are sooo big; to make it easier on everyone.

There are many online sellers of cross stitch items, but these are the stores that have never let me down. Fabulous service and decent prices.

Fabric and Threads: Some dyers sell direct to the public. I have had great experiences with Jo at Polstitches, Marilyn and Shari at Picture this Plus and Carrie of Carrie’s Creation Threads.

In the UK:  Jo from Polstitches can give the personal touch or So and Sew has a wider range.

In the US: I frequently purchase from Amy at Down Sunshine Lane, Cindy at European Cross StitchMarilyn and Shari at Picture this Plus and helpful women at Silver Needle.

Canvaswork: I used to buy all my canvaswork needs through Kathy at Needle Delights. She will still kit up and send out her own Needle Delights Originals.  Otherwise try Silver Needle or Fireside Stitchery.

If you are determined to purchase something cross stitch related and are completely stuck contact Jo at Polstitches in the UK  or Tracy of Inkcircles in the US; they are both friends who know my tastes. They can do you up a package of items (for any small budget) that I will love!


2 Responses to Wish Lists

  1. Those that know me well, know that I have a rather embarrassing habit of “adding on” things to my orders for others.

    Or browsing as a result of wish lists, buying something for myself & tacking on things from wishlists.

    I call it karmic balance.

  2. Mel says:

    Yup – guilty of both habits here too, especially the latter. My Lust Lists were originally set up in response to some of the beautiful things I had seen in other people’s Wish Lists and I couldn’t buy them all 🙂

    Later as my Lust Lists ballooned, *they* became the reference point that other people used as a starting point for their own lists. The Circle of Life?

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