A note on OOP charts

As has become evident in A-Project-A-Day, many of the designers I have bought from are no longer in business or those particular charts are no longer fashionable.

I’ve noticed this year especially that Hoffmans no longer carries a designer’s complete backlist. For example, they carry some Black Swan, Dimples Designs, and Cross Eyed Kat, but not the charts that I have featured as my Projects.  When I first created my Lust Lists a few years ago, I used Hoffmans pages extensively because they seemed a one-stop-shop for a lot of designers. This is no longer the case 😦

In my Project pages, I list an item as easily available if it is listed in the Hoffmans Pages or on the designer’s website.  If I cannot find the chart in either of these places, I list it as Out of Print (OOP).

Where possible, I link directly to the purchase page of large established Online Needlework Shops (ONS) such as 123 Stitch or ABC Stitch Therapy or Silver Needle or Nordic Needle.  Shops that I have purchased from, that I know.  I do not receive any kickbacks or any rewards from these stores. Frankly I don’t think any of these stores know my blog even exists.  I link to these stores because if you want to get trigger-happy and buy the chart, I know you’re in safe-ish hands and you’re not likely to send me a screaming email saying “I went to that link and got ripped off and it’s all your fault”.

So if you find the chart elsewhere – go for it. Do it!  Noodle around the web and find these charts at places that suit you and you feel comfortable buying them from.  If you find a better price, brilliant! If you find an OOP chart even better! Just use your trusted sources.

Always ask your LNS!  They may have contacts too or stock in the back room! A friend bought a long discontinued spool of Kreinik blending filament for me a couple of weeks ago.  I couldn’t buy it over the net, but her LNS obtained it for her!

Summary: I link to large ONS Because they are a safe option. If you find these charts at other places that you are happy to buy from, go for it! Do it!  Share them in the comments field!  Just don’t send me any shouty emails or comments if sales go bad please.

Final note: No this hasn’t happened yet. I’m being proactive 🙂

Question: Am I being justifiably cautious or too timid?  Should I link to more out-of-the-way place and add a “use at your own risk” clause?  I found one place that still says it has Clearstar designs in stock for example …

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10 Responses to A note on OOP charts

  1. Jeanne in NC says:

    I think you are being justifiably cautious. If someone really wants a chart and the sites you list can’t get it, people can always hunt on their own.

  2. Karen R in GA says:

    In this day & age, a disclaimer is always a good idea, sadly 🙂 Especially since you can’t always rely on common sense to get from Point A to Point B…

  3. Susan Simko says:

    Also, if you’re going to a small online shop, remember to make sure the order form is encrypted (look for https: in the URL or some kind of lock symbol in your browser) and never ever email an order that includes your credit card number.

    Sorry, PCI compliance officer will get off her box and go sit quietly in the corner.

  4. I went to Enchanted Needle and tried to buy the charts. It go to an offsite page and won’t let you add them to a cart or even click on the picture to make it bigger so I think it is a bust! I was very excited for a second there. LOL!

    I have Crystal and Unicorn Glade but would of liked to get the other two.


    • Mel says:

      Thats such a pity Chele. I didn’t investigate that one thoroughly before commenting so thank you so very much for the feedback!

      Flower Dragon was the one I was after. We might have to make huge puppy dog eyes at Claire and see if she will make her patterns available again, even for an extremely limited time?

  5. Mel says:

    Thanks Jeanne, Karen and Susan,

    I’m wondering if I should write a general “how-to” online shopping post. Hey does anyone want to be my first guest blogger and write one? Susan? Karen?

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