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Updating the sticky post 🙂  Welcome to my blog 🙂

If you are looking for the A-Project-a-Day posts, click on the tab in the black strip above ↑ these words, or find it in the categories drop box on the right hand side.  Over there →

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This blog was created on 24 March 2011. I had older blogs on Multiply from 2006 and Livejournal from 2008. I exported the LJ blog, but Multiply wouldn’t play ball, so I’m slowly moving everything over from there manually. Post by post. Picture by picture. So now and then, I get motivated and you will see a flurry of very old posts come through. You have been warned 🙂 If something looks really odd, check the date on the post.

If you want to see all of my older stitching, wish lists etc, check out my Multiply blog until I finish getting it all moved over. Blog posts 1 Jul 2006 – 24 March 2011 currently unavailable.

Finally the warnings:
Do not drink coffee while reading these blog posts.
Do not have a credit card within easy access if you are a stitcher
Mel encourages bribes of chocolate or kitty treats
Housecleaning services and donations to brain-pain management research also encouraged.

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7 Responses to For New Visitors …

  1. Stephen Silk says:

    Only coffee?

    • Mel says:

      Only coffee drinkers have reported potential “spewing with laughter” issues. Perhaps other beverage drinkers don’t find my occasional droll or black humour inserts that funny?

  2. Susan Simko says:

    You’ve been warned! Do NOT have a credit card handy. Unfortunately for me, I don’t need the card as I have it memorized. 🙂

    • Mel says:

      Ah – your case is terminal my friend. I cannot help you. So instead allow me to guide you further into temptation … damn I should be arranging kickbacks from at least one of these companies 🙂

  3. Nina says:

    Hi I found your blog this weekend but just today I had the time to llok around. Lov your Project a day! And th credit card warning is just in place!

  4. I love your humor! And I know better than to drink ANYTHING where either you or Sisu might be posting! You and she would get me almost every post if I didn’t already know better!

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