DVD Review: Minuscule (Minuscule – la vie privée des insectes)

Minuscule. If you haven’t seen these little five-minute short animated movies yet, you are missing out. There is no real dialogue in that there is no spoken language. Yet there are chirrups, eye movements and body expressions to anthropomorphize these little guys just enough for the humour or pathos of each episode to do its job superbly.

These are quiet episodes. You have to watch to see the humour build-up, it won’t scream from the screen at you. You start being introduced to the main characters and as the DVD progressed we found ourselves looking forward to how these would interact, knowing what we did of their personalities and reactions. With no language, there’s no profanity, no rude gesturing, although I can well substitute some juicy dialogue on some occasions.  The tone of each episode could range from sentimental to justice to coming of age to slice of life. I found the gentleness of these refreshing compared to my usual MA15+ fare.

We started seeing these on Free-to-air TV last year, when our national broadcaster would show an episode at random just before the 7pm news. However, over half of the episodes on Disc One were new to us.

To give you a taste of what they are like, here is Disc One, Episode One I found on You Tube.  I’m off to reserve Disc Two from my local library and to see if I can buy all four discs.  The humour is timeless and I’d be happy to show these to my nephews.

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4 Responses to DVD Review: Minuscule (Minuscule – la vie privée des insectes)

  1. Sue Trescott says:

    That is a gorgeous little filmlet!! My grandson will love it, I must have a look for the DVD, since it’s made in France I might find it!
    Thank you Mel

  2. Sisu says:

    O-O I love Miniscule!! It used to air here right about the time Nathan got home from school a couple years ago. It was his favorite! It is a great little show and never failed to have me and the kids roaring with laughter. He was sad when they stopped airing it. Where did you find the DVD? I would love to surprise him with a copy. It would make his day!

  3. Mel says:

    The DVDs were actually released in France and Australia. I know ?! Amazon.com was selling the Australian version for a while … http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B003W2949G/ but frankly, the box set should be available somewhere cheaper than that. If you can’t find it, let me know and I’ll buy a set here and ship it over. Call it a birthday present for the kids from Aunty Mel. I can purchase the box set for $30US if that helps for comparison pricing.

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