Joining in a Blackwork SAL

Not just bonkers – but certifiably nuts.  Not only do I have all these projects I’ve posted every day, not to mention all of my WIPs that haven’t been transferred to the new blog (that’s nearly 12 months old now) but I’ve now put my hand up for a second stitch a long!

This one is a free Blackwork SAL, run by Berlin Embroidery Designs.

I’ve not stitched a design by Tanja Berlin before, but the instructions given in part one of this Stitch-a-long are fantastic! I cannot praise highly enough her step-by-step guide in how to stitch each of these little critters.  If you were ever interested in blackwork but didn’t try it because you were always worried that your backs were not going to look as good as your fronts – or simply didn’t know how to do it – this is the project for you!

The Stitch a long details details are here.  And when you finish this three-month SAL you might feel emboldened enough to try some of Tanja’s other blackwork projects. I know I have some of these on my Lustlist.

Now off to decide what fabric and floss to use. Traditionally there three main styles, Blackwork (black on white) Redwork (Red on white) and Whitework (White on white) but even in medieval times there are examples of other colours being used. No I’m not providing references today – go and look at some artwork 🙂

The wonderful thing about modern blackwork is that you can use any colour floss you like on any colour fabric you like – even hand dyed and multicoloureds …. so I’m off to fondle floss for a while …

Maybe a Spring hand-dyed on grass green …. but we don’t know what the rest of the project will be … hmmm ….

Join in the fun here and tell me in the comments if you do 🙂

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9 Responses to Joining in a Blackwork SAL

  1. tiffstitch says:

    I’m debating joining this one as well. It’s an interesting idea. I like the idea of Spring colours on green since it seems to fit the design very well. 🙂

    • kay jones says:

      Tiff you might just as well. Everyone else has thanks to Madam Mel.

      Not sure what I’m going to do it in or on, for that but I’m sure I can find something in the drawer

  2. Sheila Anstey says:

    Living in Canada, I have had the pleasure of taking several of Tanja’s classes and I can tell you she is an amazing teacher. If you ever get a chance, take one of her workshops!

    • Mel says:

      Thanks for the tip Sheila! Her work looks stunning and I’m already happily surprised at the amount of detail in her instructions. It’s so wonderful to to hear she’s amazing in person as well!

  3. Rae Kennon says:

    I am going to do this on time. I am going to this on time. I am going to do this on time.
    Yeah right…bbwwhhaaaaaaaa

  4. Sisu says:

    I have already packed my fabrics, prepping to tear down the house in 2 weeks, otherwise I would join. I love blackwork and it always seem to work up fast for me.

  5. Rae Kennon says:

    Yeppers, the mojo is back! I have pulled all of the threads for the puzzle and I am off to Hobby Lobby tomorrow to grab some fabric before my EGA meeting. FYI there is still a little bit of cholocate left for Jeanette. Lol
    I have been working on the chart I won from Stitchers Workshop and I am already about half finished. I am caught up on my Debbee’s Designs Shenandoah Spring piece and I’m prepared to teach tomorrow night. Woo hoo, happy dancing for me.

    What about you????
    How did that doctor appointment go on the 14th? I’m hoping and praying it went well and there was good news.

    ((Big hugs))

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