Health Update – Good News

I’m chronicling the changes in my health in regards to a two-year migraine. Both as an aide-mémoire and to help me figure things out as this goes along. Feel free to skip these posts.

Well since my first period started the insane pounding in my head has stopped.  Wait go back a couple of steps.

Two and a half weeks after we removed the Implanon from my arm, my first period turns up. Yesterday. As I half-expected it is heavier and longer than usual, but my body is adjusting from two years without any.  What is of note, is that the insane thumping in my head has not been there when I wake up either yesterday or today.  The pressure has increased.  My head has gone back to feeling like my skull will shatter into a million pieces if I touch one hair. But at least the pounding I wake up with is gone. It comes back as soon as I hear any noise, but I don’t wake up with it. I count this as an improvement. I wonder what will happen after the period ends.

The other fantastic news is that I’ve taught myself to handwrite again. I’ve done this by literally teaching myself to handwrite again. I seemed to have developed a form of, is it dyslexia?  when I want to write a T my fingers form an R or an S some completely random letter. The same with numerals.

I’ve discovered that if I form the letters in a completely different way than how I’ve done them for the last 35 or so years then I can get out the letter I want.  I guess I am remapping the neural pathways.  Do you know how many ways you can actually write an M or a T? Depending on which part of the letter you start, when and where you lift your pen, where you start from to form the next part of the letter.  Sure a lot of my writing now looks like a five-year-olds, but I can write the words I want to write.

To me that counts as a success!

I see the Gynaecologist to discuss hormones and migraines on 14 February. Next week.

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11 Responses to Health Update – Good News

  1. Lack Of Brain says:

    I had to completely relearn to write after the brain pressure went sky high. It’s something I just forgot how to do and woud not have even thought posible.
    This sounds though as if it is a plus. Yes, the migraine is still around but differently. Progress indeed.

  2. Stephen Silk says:

    Best news I’ve had this year!

  3. Sisu says:

    Both my kids have always written their letters from the bottom, up. Drives the teachers bats, but if they try to do it the right way, they reverse the letters. Strange what our brains do.
    I hope you continue to see an improvement in the head pain. Even though it isn’t gone, even a slight improvement can be a huge step in the right direction.

  4. tiffstitch says:

    Any decrease in your pain is a huge deal! That’s excellent. And great news about handwriting as well. I had to teach myself to write left handed for a while, sounds like what you’re doing is similar. Wonderful news!!

  5. Rae Kennon says:

    I’m super excited that things are better for you Mel. I’m hoping this turns into a major step in the right direction for you to get well!!!
    Now for a couple of stupid questions. Since you have been having trouble writing have you also had trouble typing? Also, since it seems like you have been trouble make a pen go in the direction you want it to to make letters, do you have trouble making your needle go in the direction you want it to go while stitching?

    • Mel says:

      That’s actually another blog I’ve been meaning to write for a while. Yes I’ve been having motor skills issues. But with the typing its slightly different, If I’m writing down my thoughts my typing will miss words out or type the wrong word (once instead of one) or it often types the same portion of the sentence twice. I always have to proofread and read over numerous times before hitting the send button. Even then I goof and miss things 🙂

      The stitching, its more a case that the tireder I am, the less the directions make sense, the less ability I have to count accurately and the more my eyes hurt,

      When I have a radio on or a shouty TV advert playing I cannot read a sentence, I cannot hold the meaning of one word in my head as I read the next word. As someone who has multitasked her whole life, this is a tad frustrating Its frustrating for mum too. She reads a book while I write my Project-a-Day posts on the days she’s at home.

  6. rocalisa says:

    I was so excited to see the heading “Good News” in my feed reader and rushed over here to see what you had to say.

    I’m so glad to hear there’s been an improvement. I hope things keep on getting better and that the gynaecologist has useful advice to offer.

    I know there must still be a long way to go, but it’s great to see even a small spark of light.

  7. Here’s hoping the gynaecologist can offer some help. I’m with you on the motor skills problems. I have to do any writing first thing on the morning as I tend to get confused/dyslexic/erratic as I tire. My handwriting is the first and worst casualty of my ME. I used to have beautiful writing. Now I possess the handwriting of an alcoholic lunatic. Wong wors, spellingetc. Form filling fillms me with teror. i’ve lef tthe last bit to sho you what my typing is really like! Blog posts are a bit of an ordeal too, hence my lack of them and the brevity too!

  8. Karen R in GA says:

    Good news indeed – and I hope just the start of more to come! I would be so relieved to not have the pounding, even if only for a bit! Will be thinking of you next week, hoping the gyn has some encouraging information for you!
    And it’s good you are able to figure out how to get around the writing issue – maybe with that, other like things will follow suit? Just goes to show how much we really don’t know about how our brains work…

  9. kay jones says:

    Any improvement has got to be good however small it is. Hopefully the gynaecologist will be able to build on this improvement and hopefully make suggestions as to how to either maintain it or improve it. Here’s thinking of you girl

  10. Laura says:

    Oh, Mel, it’s so great to hear that you’ve had an improvement, even if it’s a smallish one. I hope your week has been great and that you continue to see an improvement.

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