Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) 2000-2001 version

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed season one and just started on season two.  These shows are brilliant!  Apparently a remake of a 60s show but updated. I’ve not seen the 60s original but according to the reviews I’ve read this version is more of an homage than a remake.

The two title characters are played by Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer who apparently are a comedian duo. I haven’t seen any of their stuff except I do have vague memories of a Vic Reeves who sang that remake of Dizzy that I loved back in the 90s.  (I’ve probably just insulted comedy and music fans everywhere).

So, having established my general ignorance of anything possibly related to this series, I can waffle in my enthusiasm about the series itself.  It’s a weekly situational mystery with Geoff Randall and the ghost of Marty Hopkirk and Jeannie Hearst (Randall’s friend and Hopkirk’s fiancée) semi-competant private investigators.  Only Randall can see Hopkirk and Hopkirk has limited powers as a ghost.

It is played as a light mystery/comedy.  Think of this as the inspiration for shows such as Eureka and Warehouse 13.  The mystery is a genuine one, although easily solvable. The interactions between the main characters has a subtle arc over the season especially the friendship between Geoff and Jeannie (and Marty’s dealing with it).

However the main reason to watch this show is the guest stars each week. Most episodes included Tom Baker as a Georgian aged ghost mentor. Season One Episode One had David Tennant playing a deliciously deranged psychopath.  Episode Two had Hugh Laurie as the head of a psychiatric asylum (ooh playing against type there!) Other episodes include Alexis Denisof with a wonderful American accent, Simon Pegg, Charles Dance, Mark Gatiss, Celia Imrie, Martin Clunes, David Walliams playing a straight clueless ghosthunter.

Many of the episodes were homages to different mystery styles, the film noir, the locked room, the quintessential ghost story, the celtic supernatural village …

If you are a fan of the light mystery/drama  sit-com crossover then you should give this one a go.

Personally we’re going to finish Season 2 now and then think about finding the 1960s original ….

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5 Responses to Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) 2000-2001 version

  1. Silly Brain says:

    Yup, same Vic Reeves or real name, Jim Moir.
    A very well known comedy duo over here.

  2. The original was made in 1969/70 and it was one of my favourites as a child. The remake was OK but there are rumours that SyFy might be remaking it again. Reeves and Mortimer are a comedy duo very well known for some risque humour and a game show called Shooting Stars.

  3. kay jones says:

    Well, I hope the remake is better than the original. That was absolute crap. It was so amateurish that it was laughable.

    • Well it did come out of the ITC/Monty Berman stable of kitsch 60’s productions! Like the Saint, Department S, The Champions and all of the Gerry Anderson series. Most are instantly recognisable by the production values and wobbly sets!

      • Mel says:

        Ah but you see I loved those shows as a kid! All the Gerry Anderson series’, Department S, The Avengers … they all paved the way for the shows I Iike today 🙂

        And if you want to talk production values and wobbly sets – you cant go past 70s Doctor Who…. anyone else remember the green bubblewrap ….

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