Dream Dragon by Clear Star Designs

A Project A Day – Counted embroidery work is my main hobby and I have a huge stitching stash. Some of these projects are huge and take years to stitch, and while others are quick projects, I often spend months without stitching at all. So while I have hundreds in my stash, only a half-dozen ever see attention any given year.  To address this imbalance in 2012 I will each day write about one project languishing in my stash.

Dream Dragon by Clear Star Designs

Copyright Claire E Jaffe, 2001. Artwork by Phoebe Moon of Mystical Artworks. Poem by Claire E Jaffe and Phoebe Moon.

Clear Star Designs

Dream Dragon by Clear Star Designs

Chart: The chart is printed over twelve pages with a two-row overlap on each sheet. Symbols are printed large so easy to see and differentiate.  There is a lot of confetti stitching in the dragon but that is only one component of the design.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole cross stitches, partial cross stitch and back stitch.

Materials: DMC stranded cotton. Stitched on Zweigart 28ct “Antique White” Linen. Claire later recommended stitching this on 32ct and trying a hand-dyed fabric such as this.

Designer’s Notes: Phoebe and I wrote the poem together….all done one late night over the phone, a line by me, a line by her, a line by me and so on…we had fun doing that.

Coiled and glittering
in the sun’s fading rays,
The dream dragon waits
for your dreams to portray.

This quiet slumbering guardian,
So gentle in repose,
Holds your night-time lost
fantasies, secrets and hopes.

His hoard, not of golden
glitter and gems,
But of deep thought and dreams,
a true treasure trove.

Through the velvet deep forests
and mountains of snow,
He’ll show you a land only
true dreamers know.

Why I was attracted to this design: I actually knew this designer as a good internet friend for years before I knew she was a designer!  When I discovered her designs, I fell in love with this one and HAD to have it.  I love the dragon, I love the poem and I love the designer as a great friend.

So why haven’t I stitched it? I don’t know what happened. I had great plans to start this as soon as it arrived in the mail. I think life hit me at the time; I was in the middle of a house move or a change of job or relationship or all three. I think my stash got packed up and this chart became lost in the shuffle.

I owe it to myself and to Claire to make sure this one doesn’t get lost in the shuffle again.  It’s been added to the “when the migraines & eyesight settle” pile.

Where can you buy it? I enquired with Claire, before publishing Dream Dragon as today’s project (Mum had actually pulled this as yesterday’s project).  Unfortunately Clear Star Designs is closed. If you want to buy this chart, I would recommend checking eBay for rare sightings.

Discussion questions:  This design could be just DMC on Antique White but Claire recommends that the stitcher play with hand dyed fabrics and adding metallic bling. I love the version Dette stitched on Colour Blooms Parchment so, looking through my fabric stash today, I’ve decided to do my version on Polstitches Pearl 32ct Belfast.  Like Dragons and Dinosaurs I’d be tempted to add metallics to the Dragon. I’d also stitch the stars in gold metallics.

What changes would you make to this design?

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6 Responses to Dream Dragon by Clear Star Designs

  1. rocalisa says:

    Absolutely do the stars in metallics. And maybe something pearlescent (I don’t think that’s the real word, but I hope you know what I mean) for the tower roofs so they’re a bit dreamy. I have at least one, if not two, of Claire’s lovely designs in my stash, but not this one. You never know, if I live to be about 1000 and get over having CFS, I might get to them one day. (And if I don’t get over the CFS I totally don’t want to live to 1000!)

  2. None on Ebay I just looked! Hee! Hee!


  3. Laura says:

    I think some metallics for the wings would soften them some and let the rest of the dragon really *pop*. Definitely overdyed fabric. I love the version you linked. I could see doing this on a variety of colors to complement the dragon.

  4. kay jones says:

    I remember this designer too. She wafted a gorgeous picture in front of us, said she was going to chart it and then vanished without trace. Who knows, perhaps she’ll pop up again one day.

    Definitely needs some bling. Scales, tail and stars and personally I’d use a white rainbow TB on the turrets to look like snow.

  5. Mel says:

    When I get to start this one, I will definitely converse with you guys on bling details – you have sooo many good ideas!

  6. Clear Star says:

    Dream Dragon has less confetti than you imagine, Mel. I stitched the model of this and I loathe confetti. I think the entire thing took me 6 weeks to finish. Ok, so I was a prolific stitcher back then but, it’s a relatively easy one. Hardest part was stitching the poem which really got on my nerves.
    I had a 10 yr contract/license with Phoebe Moon and sold over 1000 charts during that time. I rarely see any of them stitched and would dearly love to. All the people who enthused over the pictures bought them and stashed the charts never to be seen again, sigh. One day maybe, someone will actually stitch one…my models remain with the distributor. She pleads poverty everry time I ask her to return them and I have been asking for years now. I have also ffered to send her money to cover postage costs. Nope, nada.

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