Scottish Dragon by Xs and Ohs

A Project A Day – Counted embroidery work is my main hobby and I have a huge stitching stash. Some of these projects are huge and take years to stitch, and while others are quick projects, I often spend months without stitching at all. So while I have hundreds in my stash, only a half-dozen ever see attention any given year.  To address this imbalance in 2012 I will each day write about one project languishing in my stash.

Scottish Dragon by Xs and Ohs

Copyright Joanne Gatenby, 2005.

X's and Oh's Fantasy Faire

X's and Oh's - Scottish Dragon

Chart: The Chart is print on the back side of the A4/Letter sized cardboard sheet. Although this design has many fractional stitches, the chart symbols are quite clear and easy to see.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole cross stitches, partial cross stitch and blackwork.

Materials: DMC stranded cotton Dinky Dyes silks and Kreinik #4 Braid. Stitched on Wichelt 14ct “French Country” Aida.

Designer’s Notes: None.

Why I was attracted to this design: For Fantasy Faire ’05 Dinky Dyes created a specialty colour (#085 Fantasy Blues) and about a dozen (??) of the designers at the Faire produced special small limited edition designs that included this thread. Many of them also included the new (at that time) Kreinik Fantasy braid colours – the 5000’s.

I, being a lover of Fantasy designs had to collect them all. Not being at the Faire or even knowing about it until a year or so later, I put a serious amount of time and research into hunting down these designs.

This one in particular holds a special place as my mum’s nickname is The Dragon (there’s no-one less Dragon-ish in the family but she loves anything dragon-related) and she is a golfer.  She’s not Scottish, but you can’t have everything.

So why haven’t I stitched it? Didn’t have the specialty threads at the time, and then it just got lost in my stash. I completely forgot I had it until it came out of the box as this morning’s project.

I have broken my stash diet.  I have bought the two Kreinik #4 braids for this project (and the Blue Spruce fabric for Aurora Polaris). Not a bad breaking of the diet. More a bump in the road. I think mum needs this one stitched up for her.  I’ll stitch it on the quiet while she’s at work and give it to her for Mother’s Day.

Where can you buy it? Limited edition chart from six years ago? Maybe try eBay. Yup – there’s one copy there for sale at the moment. As per usual, my copy will be available to one commenter who wants it, after I finish stitching it up. So watch here later.

Discussion questions:  The leaflet is subtitled Dragons of the World 1.  Anyone know if there were any other leaflets released in this series?  There are certainly none on the current X’s & Oh’s list. The chart list Country French Aida as the fabric used.  What colour is that? It looks like an off-white?  I’m thinking of subbing in a light blue … maybe “Barely Blue”.  I’ll go stash diving when the Kreinik threads turn up and Meowry Christmice is finished. Any other thoughts on an appropriate fabric or background colour?

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7 Responses to Scottish Dragon by Xs and Ohs

  1. rocalisa says:

    Mel, talking of Aurora Polaris, just wanted you to know it might be a little while before I get the wolves chart in the mail to you. I will send it – it’s on my “to do” list now which will make sure I don’t forget. But my priority right now is seeing Marcus and I survive until school goes back, so getting stuff organised for posting is relatively low on the list right now. I know you understand, I just wanted to let you know.

    • Mel says:

      Priority is definitely on you and Marcus surviving to school and beyond. Don’t panic about the chart, it’s not as if I don’t have 101 (365?) other charts here to stitch ….

      Just jeep us updated occasionally so we know you are alive and are surviving.

  2. kay jones says:

    A pale blue would look good. Its only a small design so you could probably get it on a 9 x 13. Do you have an appropriate colour? If not, shout, I’ve got a very pale blue in the drawer which I can hardly shut so I really need to dispose or stitch some of it

    • Mel says:

      Oh yes stitch count is only 55×58 so it’s an ornament really. However I do think moving some of your fabric stash into a second drawer might be cheaper than international postage 😉

  3. Lana says:

    Hi, Mel!

    While I am a little sad that you have broken you stash diet, I am glad that it wasn’t a total binge! I know that your Mom will appreciate it should you be able to get it stitched for her in time for Mother’s Day!

    Lana 🙂

    • Mel says:

      Bump in the road for a good cause – and I blame Deb for the fabric:) I’ve been great today – will power to the max. I’ve stopped at least four orders before getting anywhere near the checkout button.

      And on the other side of Karma I’ve found three charts in my stash that I promised to friends ages ago, so they are going out in the mail on Friday!

      • Lana says:

        I know it was a bump in the road and I am okay with that. And congrats on the will power today!

        I am glad that there is something good coming out of going through your stash. I am sure that your friends will appreciated getting the patterns.



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