We are a two cat household again

Abby pre Vet Visit

First an Abby update:  She is eating again though in smaller quantities. She has her old attitudes back, though she still tires easily.  This morning she finally … well … defecated for the first time since returning from the vets and it appeared “normal” so she has finally been allowed out of the house.

I’m sure she will return sometime this decade.

The Grey Thing

Tiger 6 January 2012

Now a long overdue update on The Grey Thing.  When the nephews were visiting before Christmas, Master Three pointed at The Grey Thing and said “Tiger – you’re Tiger” and The Grey Thing purred. So she has officially been renamed Tiger.  She answers to Tigers too.  She also answers when you call out to Abby, open the fridge or pantry doors or rattle a box of any dry food – mum’s corn flakes for example.

Not being quite sure where she was from, and being the feline vacuum cleaner, I had been feeding Tiger in the outside laundry and she had one of Trub’s baskets in there for bedding at night.  She could come and go in the house during the day as she felt like, but I gave her bedding in an outdoor room so that she could also come and go as she liked at night.  She is not a hunter, I don’t have to fear for the native wildlife with her. Also if her owners do return, and she decides to go home, then that is also her choice.

Considering most days she spends 90% asleep either on the back steps or on my bed, I was pretty much appeasing my conscience; the cat wasn’t going anywhere.

And now it turns out the cat was right. Speaking to more people in the village, I find out that Tiger’s owners left town early last year.  They owned an establishment in the village and whether Tiger just got dumped, or whether she was left as part of the establishment is uncertain.  99% of the village apparently know where the cat is and most look confused when I ask if the cat should be back at the establishment. There have been a lot of changes and modifications in the ambiance as well as the structure of the establishment since the new owners took over so I guess I can understand the confusion. In the one conversation I have had with the new establishment owner (completely unrelated) he was unexpectedly aggressive, nasty and insulting from the start. I really feel uncomfortable whether to discuss the legal status of the cat with him or just to leave well enough alone. I frankly prefer the latter.

The morning that I took Abby to vets, Tiger was nowhere to be seen.  She didn’t come in for her breakfast.  Nor was she seen trying her usual way to con either of us into giving her second breakfast, third breakfast, morning tea, elevenses etc.  She finally turned up after lunch with a large gash across her nose, and scratches around her head and ears.  She’d obviously been in a cat fight the previous night.

That night, while Abby was in the vet hospital, I left Tiger inside and she stayed on her usual spot on top of my bed until 4:30am. She woke me at that time by mewling around my bed and walking me out to the back door.  I opened it and an icy blast came in.  The cat sat at the empty food bowl.  I fed her and we both went back to bed.  I later found out the temperature had dropped to 1.6C.  Yes that is under two degrees celcius (34.F) in the middle of summer.

It was warmer and she went outside when I next woke up.  She apparently doesn’t use the litter tray.

Unfortunately I had to keep Tiger outside again for the first 24 hours after Abby came back from the vets. Abby was just so sick.  Once she got a little bounce back, we let Tiger back in.  We also raised Abby’s food bowl one box higher so it is now level with the bench heights in the kitchen. Tiger has shown no propensity to jump that high in a single bound. Now that we have moved her food dishes inside as well, she is also showing much less interest in Abby’s food bowl.

Last night while Tiger was eating dinner, Abby was stalking her tail. Tiger was most confused and you could see the look in her face “I’m just going to keep eating now … ”

Again Tiger mewled at 4:30am so I let her out for her toilet break and went for one too. Abby just lifted her head then went back to sleep.  She didn’t start her morning crazies until 5:00am. So I think we’re all settling in to a nice family home life.

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5 Responses to We are a two cat household again

  1. So great to hear you’re a family once again.

  2. kay jones says:

    Great news. Re the Tiger I would just stay quiet. Clearly its unwanted by its so called owners so I would just assume it was mine until someone proves otherwise.

    • Mel says:

      I don’t even know if they are supposed to be the cat’s so-called owners or if the previous owner couldn’t take her, so they just conveniently left her behind.

      I do know she is one very happy, very relaxed cat here and Abby is accepting and trying to play with her. So I’m happy to leave everything just as it is.

  3. Laura says:

    Aw, so nice it’s all working out.

    We’ve been adopted by 5 kittens who were evidently dumped. They’re a gorgeous lot. Two of them are very friendly. A third is quasi-social and the other two are totally skittish. They’ve been named by my kiddos: Bella, Boo (because she played Peek-a-boo with us at the back door), Beamer (because she chases a laser pointer light), Sassafras aka Sassy, and Tiger. 3 are long haired and 2 are short haired. 2 are black, 2 are grey and one is striped. All around a year old at best guess.

    • Mel says:

      Awww the kitties all sound gorgeous! Any chance of some photos sometime soon ?? Love kitty photos 🙂

      {insert responsible pet own rant as people who dumped the kittens} At least the kittens ended up at the right place!

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