Sunny Dyes Fabrics

Has anyone heard of or used Sunny Dyes Fabrics?

Their website says “At sunny*dyes, we hand paint each piece of fabric to order, using only nontoxic paints and natural materials. The fabric is laid out to “cure” for 24-48 hours, and is then pressed , heat set, and labeled. Our pictures are taken of the whole piece of fabric- hand painted fabric has a mottled look, and color combinations vary even within the same dye lot. Even though the fabrics are heat-set for colorfastness, dark or vibrant colors may not be fully colorfast.

So being hand-painted I’m not sure of the longevity of their colours or the colour-fastness if you need to wash you piece, but other fabrics I love are hand-painted too.

I love some of their fabrics.

Can’t you just see Mirabilia’s Stargazer on Carpe Noctem?


Stargazer by Mirabilia

Sunny Dyes fabrics Sunny*Dyes

Carpe Noctem by Sunny*Dyes









Or for those who do up those cute snowmen designs, wouldn’t Very Snowy Night be just perfect.  I know some fairy projects that would work for Faerie’s Leafy Glade and I would love to see what designers would dream up for Vampire Moon

Sunny Dyes fabrics Sunny*Dyes

Very Snowy Night by Sunny*Dyes

Sunny Dyes fabrics Sunny*Dyes

Faerie's Leafy Glade by Sunny*Dyes

Sunny Dyes fabrics Sunny*Dyes

Vampire Moon (Dark) by Sunny*Dyes














So anyone know of this company or used their fabrics or can tell me anything about them? Thoughts? opinions?

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12 Responses to Sunny Dyes Fabrics

  1. Susan Simko says:

    Wow! Thanks Mel! Never saw these before but, well, just wow. 🙂

  2. rocalisa says:

    They are awfully pretty. But I’d worry about setting the first stitch in the right place so that the whole design ended up where I wanted it to be with respect to the fabric painting.

  3. Sisu says:

    Somewhere I have a pattern of 2 wolf pups practicing their first howls that would be so cute on Carpe Noctem! But no, I have not used their fabrics before.

  4. rocalisa says:

    I found this by chance today while looking around the Mirabilia Yuku board. It uses one of the Sunny Dyes fabrics, but not one of those special painted ones. I thought you might like to take a look anyway.

    I’m still exploring (Mirabilia seems to be about my stitch level right now) so if I see anything else I’ll post a link to that too.

  5. Laura says:

    Wow, that fabric is so cool! I’m afraid I’d buy it and then leave it in my stash waiting for the ‘perfect’ project.

  6. Lana says:


    I have been told that you never wash your piece after you finish stitching on a hand-dyed fabric, specifically for the reason that the colours would run. I have stitched on one piece of hand-dyed and my UFO piece is on another one. I wash my hands before starting to stitch and try to make sure that I do nothing else but stitch or else I have to wash my hands again.


    • Mel says:

      Lana, I’m always careful with my stitching – but when you have WIPs that are over 10 years old and have moved house over a dozen times, well lets just say that there a times when life happens.

      Also whenever I may be percevied to be “recommending” a site, I always throw in a few general warnings such as colourfastness for those who may not be used to hand-dyed fabrics :).

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