Abby update – home again

Abby is home again.

She is perky and moving around. Or rather prowling around every inch of the house looking for a way out.

She would not eat at the vets and (except for the messy diarrhea) she refused to defecate at the vets. So they have sent her home with antibiotics.

The first thing she did when we let her out of her travel container was make a beeline for her litter tray and empty the fullest bladder I have ever seen a cat carry. She must have been in pain.

Although she has no sites of possible infection (except for where the drip went in) we have been asked to keep her in for a couple of days to watch to see if she vomits after eating.  We have managed to get her interested in a few bites of kibble so far but not much.  It’s probably better that she eases back into eating slowly anyway.  She’s well hydrated from the drip and we have until tomorrow morning to see if she will continue to eat.  The fact that she has started is a good sign.  So far no signs of vomiting and she continues to alternate between grooming and escape plans.

It’s a good thing I went on my stash diet.  Abby’s extreme foraging hit the hip pocket harder than any of the initial estimates. But isn’t that always the way?  Just glad she’s home safe and making a full recovery.

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9 Responses to Abby update – home again

  1. Oh that is so good to hear! I hope she starts eating more soon. She might be kind of afraid to put too much into her stomach. I know when I am sick, I am afraid of the consequences of eating the wrong thing. Don’t know if cats have that much thinking ability but it might just be instinct!


  2. tiffstitch says:

    Glad she is home and seems to be improving! I hope she continues and good luck with that medicine. I know they have “pill pocket treats” over here, maybe there’s something similar?

  3. kay jones says:

    Great to have her home. Perhaps a bit of chicken might tempt her

  4. Mel says:

    Next morning. No vomiting. Nothing in the litter tray. And no food eaten.

    I have no idea what to do to tempt her. She does not eat food off my plate. No chicken, or ham or cheese or milk. She’s just not interested. And that was before this.

  5. Mel says:

    Next update a few hours later:
    Well I managed to tempt her with some of the Seaflex (her multivitamin style treats). We’ve also had a little playtime. She has urinated and had a few bites of food.

    The head of the vetrinary practice rang to see how she was. He said she will have a long slow recovery but he s confident it will be a recovery. We are however, to bring her straight back in if we see that diarrhea or vomitting return. He put samples of the diarrhea on slides under the microscope but couldn’t see any signs of parasites.

    He did say the one puzzling aspect from her bloodwork was a muscle necrosis (enzyme?) count was off the chart. It’s supposed to be around 200 and in Abby it was over 2000. He has know idea why that count is so high as she doesn’t present any other symptoms of being bitten by a snake. He conceded it may have been a spider.

    Anyway it looks like the prowly one (she just prowled past on the never-ending quest for a way outside) will be inside for a few more days until she is back to her normal eating and defacating habits.

    And that means leaving poor Tiger aka The Grey Thing aka the feline vacuum outside so we can monitor Abby’s intake and err output.

  6. kay jones says:

    Sounds then as though it could well have been a spider. Hope she continues to improve

  7. Jeanne in NC says:

    I’m glad she is home. One of my cats has a condition where he was pretty much allergic to his teeth, so by the time he was 3, he had 2 operations to remove all his teeth. The vet had me give him jarred baby food while his gums were healing and he ate that up.

  8. Mel says:

    Its a few days later now and although Abby’s appetite is recovering slowly, it is recovering. She seems to be making a full recovery thankfully!

  9. tiffstitch says:

    Wonderful news, I’m so happy she’s getting back to 100%!

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