Abby Update

For those who aren’t on social media, Abby was taken ill last night.  She came in at her usual time for dinner but was sooky all night.  She curled up on mum’s lap and went to sleep which is highly unusual.

Unfortunately we were elated that she was “becoming a real cat” instead of taking it for the warning it was.  She had a several bouts of rather disgusting diarrhea all night and vomited a few times.  This morning she would not eat or drink and just mewed pathetically when I went near her.  For anyone who has met our independent hellcat this is rather alarming.

So off to the vet she went.  By lunchtime she had stopped vomiting, but the disgusting diarrhea was still continuing.  The diarrhea was remarkable even by the vet’s standards.  So she’s at the hospital and on intravenous fluids for dehydration for the next 24 hours and they have taken urine and blood samples to see what the cause is.

They have not tried to give her food or drink by mouth in case there is a blockage or she has ingested a poison. One suggestion is that she may have eaten a small rodent or animal that had ingested a poison or “bait” – we will find out when the test results return in the morning.

She is feeling thoroughly miserable, but she is expected to recover.

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9 Responses to Abby Update

  1. rocalisa says:

    I hope she’s much better very soon. Poor Abby.

  2. Mel says:

    Update from the vets at teatime tonight:
    She has perked up a little just from a day’s worth of fluids. If she continues to improve overnight they may consider giving her a little soft food tomorrow.

  3. Julie in Australia says:


    I do hope she improves and gets back to normal, glad they could get the drip in, many years ago our cat got sick but they couldnt get the drip in…won’t say more..

    Julie in Oz

    • Mel says:

      Oh many hugs Julie 😦
      Abby is not quite three years old and very healthy before this so I expect all to go well. It’s not at all like what happened to my poor 17 year old last August 😦
      Many many hugs again. Mel.

  4. Sharon says:

    Sorry to hear that Abby is sick. She is a little fighter, so im sure she will be fine. Huge hugx

  5. tiffstitch says:

    I hope she continues to improve quickly Mel!

  6. Pain Brain says:

    Poor Abby…must have been quite scary for her too. Here’s hoping for more good news from the vet. Hus to you and Mum.xx

  7. Oh I am sooo glad she is improving!

  8. Mel says:

    Update from the Vets next morning:
    Her tests have come back and she’s all clear. Liver, kidney etc function all working normally. She still has the diarrhea but it is lessening. Current theory is that she’s just eaten something that vioently disagreed with being eaten.

    Vets are trying to get her to eat now but without success – mainly because they only have on hand food she doesn’t like. They think best chance is for her to come home this afternoon and thus in familiar surroundings with familiar food she will continue to improve faster. She will also have antibiotic tablets which we will need to administer for about a week (FUN! She has very sharp teeth!)

    So she will be home this afternoon.

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