Hell’s Gatekeeper by Kustom Krafts

A Project A Day – Counted embroidery work is my main hobby and I have a huge stitching stash. Some of these projects are huge and take years to stitch, and while others are quick projects, I often spend months without stitching at all. So while I have hundreds in my stash, only a half-dozen ever see attention any given year.  To address this imbalance in 2012 I will each day write about one project languishing in my stash.

Hell’s Gatekeeper by Kustom Krafts

Copyright Dyan Allaire, 1999.

Kustom Krafts

Hell's Gatekeeper by Kustom Krafts

Chart: The chart uses quite large and thus easy to see symbols. The chart is broken over 16 pages but that is not surprising when each page only has 48 x 60 symbols. There is no overlap per page. For an art-to-cross stitch conversion there is surprisingly little confetti stitching, but from other charts in my stash, that appears to be the Kustom Krafts style. Ah, according to their website “Our designs are created using 40 color or less… “.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole cross stitches only.

Materials: DMC stranded cotton and Kreinik #8 braid (yes #8 braid). Stitched on Zweigart 16ct “Misty Blue” Linen.

Designer’s Notes: None.

Why I was attracted to this design: I love Fantasy books and this looked like the cover of a book I would read 🙂

So why haven’t I stitched it? I haven’t been a big fan of art-to-cross stitch conversions in general and when I bought this, the thought of stitching something this big and complicated worried me.  I was already drowning trying to stitch one of the easier Teresa Wentzler patterns 🙂

Now, I find I’m just not that attracted to this pattern any more.  I simply doesn’t call to me.  So I’m offering it away free.  I will mail it to the first person who comments below and asks for it.  You have to tell me why this project calls to you.  Also if you’re not one of my regular correspondents, do tell me where we know each other from 🙂

Where can you buy it? Try eBay. This chart is so out of print that Kustom Krafts does not even list it on their site any more.  But as I said above, comment below and I will give this one away.

Discussion questions: What do you think of art-to-cross stitch conversions?  Do you have a favourite company?  Have you stitched a Kustom Krafts conversion? Do you like the way it turned out?  Remember its OK to disagree, we all have different experiences 🙂

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9 Responses to Hell’s Gatekeeper by Kustom Krafts

  1. Sisu says:

    I don’t want it, I am just answering the discussion question, LOL.
    I stitched a couple small art-to-stitch conversions and have been about 90% happy with the results. I have done bookmarks from Artecy and been happy with them, but have heard complaints about weird color convesions on larger pieces. I did a smallish 5×7 conversion from Art of Stitching and was happy with it. I am currently in progress on a conversion from XS-Collectibles and another from HAED. The HAED I am not terribly happy with as it converted skin tones to only 3 shades, white, orange, and yellow, but it is a very early conversion and I think they have improved since then. The XS-Collectibles is a fractal and realism of color isn’t an issue on those, LOL. I have not done a Kustom Krafts but I do have a couple in my stash. I love the Koi Mermaid!

    • Mel says:

      I noticed Teena from Artecy has joined Kustom Krafts. I have some other Kustom Krafts charts in my stash but think they are also older designs. We’ll find out when the Project gets to them 🙂

  2. Hiya! I’m actually responding for my daughter (Brittany, age 22). She absolutely adores this project. She and I are both heavily involved in medieval/renaissance re-creation. She also collects ravens and other black birds. So, this project is ideal for her! She and I often cross stitch projects together, and I can see us doing this one! We do a lot of charity stitching, too.

    I am part of the “Stitch Specialists” yahoo group. Let me know if you need any other information!


    • Mel says:

      Wow that went quickly 🙂 Yup – I know you from the TSS list Barbara, I’ll email you for your snail mail address and pop it in the mail tomorrow. You might want to edit your reply and remove your email from there though – don’t want give the spammers easy access 🙂

      • Thanks so much! My daughter is tickled pink! I don’t see an option to edit my reply, otherwise I would remove my email addy. If you have the ability, feel free to edit it, or delete it completely.
        Thanks again!

  3. kay jones says:

    So glad its gone to a worthy home. Barbara, we will want to see this one stitched!!!! Luckily it wasn’t my cup of tea. Like Sisu I’ve done Artecy bookmarks and they turned out alright. I’m also working on a Mystic Stitch which seems ok. Cant comment on HAED conversions as I actually re converted Mask of Colours to silks so any cock ups are entirely mine. Wood Nymph however, is entirely HAED and the first page seems ok but I reserve judgement on the other 40odd.

    • Mel says:

      Luckily for me most of the HAED charts I’m in love with (M C Escher) are black and White so the colour conversion is not in question. The level of detail may be another matter … Though you did say 40 pages of pattern ….

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