New Year – New Starts

Everything ground to a halt at the end of last year, including this blog.  This blog was mainly being used to chart my journey with my health, to discuss my hobbies and to keep in touch with my friends.  Well there was nothing to report on my health except for the slow gradual slide downwards as the neurologist gave up in November and we wait until I can get in to see the gynecologist February.

The hobbies stopped around the same time as the physical symptoms worsened and my mental situation deteriorated. Simply put depression settled in as all the “festivities” around increased my pain levels daily without space or time to recuperate.

It was not a fun Christmas. I was not a fun person at Christmas. There were family dramas and politics at Christmas that I wont discuss, but suffice to say, I doubt I was in a head space to play the peacemaker role I was supposed to play.

But this is my reality and as my coping skills and methods are not up the job, I need to learn new ones. One of them is to find a positive outlook or a positive spin on situations. I use humour where possible, but my brand of humour is quite snarky and self-deprecating so if I’m having an “off day” my humour can easily be misunderstood or misconstrued. I need to change my outlook and not just turn it into a joke. Jokes turn bitter too easily.

So while I’m figuring this out, there’s one change I can make. I’m going to attempt to reach out to my friends more. So for those of you who are owed an email from me, I’m sorry and I will try to catch up.

As part of this effort to reach out, I’m going to make it a goal to write on this blog every day.  I doubt I will make it 365 time for the year, but I will try my best as it forces me to get out my shell and interact with people.  So please keep talking to me and I’ll do my best to keep talking back 🙂 Comments and suggestions as always avidly sought after and read even if I don’t always get my responses out of my head and typed in.

But I promise I’m trying to get better at it.

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13 Responses to New Year – New Starts

  1. Go you! It won’t be easy and we won’t hold you to daily! LOL! With your headaches, I think it would be wiser to play that by ear! But your first blog is great! And you started a new cross stitch project – happy dance! I am starting 15 new ones starting tomorrow. Then if I get them whittled down a bit I plan on adding in The Castle, then BOINK, Heirloom Christmas, Papillion Historic Countries Mystery Sampler, Desiderata by Indigo Rose, Long Dog St. Georges, and Lizzie Kate Normal. Plus I signed up for the 2012 HAED Freebie SAL so I will be doing that all year long too. Then if by some miracle, I get through all those WIP’s, I will add in Rose of Sharon (Red version), HAED Village Book Store, and the pattern I had made of Lilly and Madison. I am not ambitious am I? LOL!


    • kay jones says:

      You must either be stark raving bonkers or wonder woman. I dont envy you but wish you all the luck in the world. I’ve got 10 projects listed to do a bit on each day. I managed 8 today and that was on a Sunday when I tend to do bugger all.

      Perhaps we should both be in the loony bin

      • Mel says:

        I’m going with Stark Raving Bonkers. I think you both are – but hey, maybe that’s why I love you both soooo much 🙂

        I knew adding a whole pile of WIPs right now wasn’t a healthy move, so I’m just going to talk about them instead 🙂 Doing what I do best – talk instead of do 🙂

        • Julie Dollery says:

          I’ll add my vote to the bonkers brigade but add a dose of awe.
          I’m setting aside 2012 for some progress on big finishes (2 X HaED and a bunch of beading outstanding for too long). No doubt some minis will creep in but nothing planned immadiately.

  2. Why do you think I call you so often 🙂

    • Mel says:

      I thought that was useful to both of us – seeing as we both suffer from similar issues at times …. or were you just “allowing” me to think that 🙂

  3. Cathy says:

    I can relate to the depression and use of humor to cope. I also am often snarky. 🙂

  4. rocalisa says:

    You do whatever you can and we’ll enjoy reading it, whatever it is. I hope 2012 is a much better year for you and you finally start getting those headaches under control.

  5. kay jones says:

    Well Mel, your;e one up on me. At least you can talk out your problems and keep doing it. I’m sure it does you good even if we only give you silly answers (well me at least). Just take each day as it comes. We’ll always be here for you.


    • Mel says:

      Well I’m still talking about them in spite of being constantly told not to. I know the catharsis works for me even thoug it makes other members of my family uncomfortable and stops some of my old friends from reading this blog. So yes I’m being selfish – but isn’t that what a blog is – the ultimate form of narcissism 🙂

      I actually need to talk *more* to help keep the depression at bay and keep me on an even keel. So there will more stuff put here this year. I hopefully wont go quiet like I have been because the quiet times are the bad times. At least while the rest of my life is like it is. If we cure the migraines, everything may change. But it’s been so long and I’m losing so many other brain-related faculties that I’m not sure what “cured” means anymore.

  6. Julie Dollery says:

    I’ll add my vote to the bonkers brigade but add a dose of awe.
    I’m setting aside 2012 for some progress on big finishes (2 X HaED and a bunch of beading outstanding for too long). No doubt some minis will creep in but nothing planned immediately.

    And…Every psych I’ve ever met has said that talking things through (aka NOT internalizing) is the way to go. The reality is, a blog is about YOU and your needs to voice. If people don’t wish to read, that’s their choice and perhaps they can keep in touch other ways. I’d much rather you share, even if we sometimes feel helpless to help, just listening (and virtual hugging) is helping.

  7. Dede Caplinger says:

    In those dark moments know that there are people out here that think highly of you and wish & pray for restored health for you. We may never meet but we do care about one another….”Love one another”.

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