Progress is being made

After a week and a half of wrangling with sticky tape, scissors no short-term memory and being forced into limited handwriting, all the parcels for the rest of the year are finally off into the mail. Of course the flip side is no more casual flirting with the cute guy from the town post office but there’s still the Saturday morning mutual T-shirt appreciation with the cute guy at the local library (his wife and I shop similar stores).

The Grey Thing (or walking stomach) is pretty much a fixture around here.  We have to lock her out of the house when we feed Abby bu other than that, she’s moved in.  Abby likes to be leisurely about her dinner.  Eat some, play, do a perimeter check out each of the windows, eat some more, nap, eat some more.  If the Grey Thing is inside, she nabs Abby’s food as soon as she leaves it, so Abby feels stressed and trapped by her food.  We’ve sat next to the Grey Thing and told her no and stamped out feet which usually makes her run in terror but she;s a different animal when there’s food out. So we lock her out until Abby’s eaten her fill then we wash the dishes and let her back in.  Once she knows there’s food to steal, she’s back to being a placid cat instead of a desperate animal. She’s growing fat and been wormed and fleaed etc so I think it’s just psychological from being hungry for so long.

She’s learning to play from watching Abby too – she’s now zooming down the hallways like it’s a racetrack but looks confused at the other end.  She wont play with us humans yet – she will let us pat her, but still bolts if we make an unexpected move or sound.  She’s watched Abby play outside and the Grey Cat was outside playing with a leaf this morning.  Catching it, throwing it in the air, swiping at it as it came down – I don’t think she’s ever done that before.

It’s a cool day today, looks like rain is imminent. It’s all quiet outside, I can just hear some birds and the frogs at the creek.  Abby is outside, mum is at work.  I’ve taken the morning to wrap most of mum’s Christmas gifts and hide them again as well as a little house tidying.  Right now in the clean lounge room it’s just me and the Grey Thing.  She’s asleep on the two-seater couch across from me.  One side has my knitted blanket that Abby sleeps on, the other side is just couch.  She’s sleeping on the couch side.  The fourth and last seat in the lounge room has now been claimed.  Visitors beware 🙂

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