Needlework Show – Mum Stashed!

Mum looked over the Needlework Show pages and told me to order the following five charts! She said these interested her too and “one of us would start some of them shortly”.

I’m not sure which charts will end up in my stash and which in hers, but hey!  It looks like Mum’s interested in stitching again!

Needlework Show October 2011

Lili Soleil (Dessins DHC) - Alphabet Bartok

Needlework Show October 2011

Ink Circles - Til Karin: 4 Elements


Needlework Show October 2011

Ink Circles - Metamorphosis

Needlework Show October 2011

Hinzeit - Last Stitch Cemetary

Needlework Show October 2011

Rovaris - R71 A Home is not complete


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3 Responses to Needlework Show – Mum Stashed!

  1. Bored bitch says:

    Love the Elements, Metamorphosis and Last Stitch Cemetery. Great choices.

  2. rocalisa says:

    I love Metamorphosis. While it is still the case that I need another pattern like a need a hole in the head, that one comes very close to tempting me.

  3. Dionne White says:

    Ditto, Metamorphosis, Ink Circles have some stunning designs.

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