October Needlework Show

Here’s my pick of the bunch of the new designs debuting at the October Needlework Show.  Well new designs to me anyway.

I love many of the other designs on display, but they are already part of my stash or Lust List, so here are only the new ones 🙂

Edited 23 October 2011:

I’ve added in the Bartok Alphabet.  I didn’t see this one at the Show.  Someone else saw this at the Dessins site and it popped up at the ABC Stitch Therapy Show pages.  I LOVE this alphabet – filigree but not frilly.

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6 Responses to October Needlework Show

  1. cathymk says:

    I like those Filigram designs – my hub is really interested in science (also has a bit of a thing for frogs) so they would suit him well. I also really love Metamorphosis – thinking of a progression of HDF silks for that one.

  2. Rachel says:

    I like the Ink Circles ones, and I really like the ladies by Cross Stitching Art. I enjoyed looking at the show and have a mile long list of more things to add to my want/need list. 🙂

    • Mel says:

      Hi Rachel, the reason there are so few charts listed here is that so many displayed at the Show are *already* on my rather extensive Lust Lists or in my stash {blush}

  3. Rhonda Polk says:

    OH — Just love “Ink Circles”, have just stitched just 1 so far – but am looking at alot of the other patterns for my wish list-
    I just moved into my new apartment- about 2 weeks ago…after being in the hospital for two months in the begining of the year-was Deathly sick- so mved in with My ex-SIL- she said she would help me out…such an angel…
    well from being at deaths door to having my own place….I am so excited—and now I have LOTS of bare white walls to fill also.
    love my stitching-just taking me a little time to get things organized- and still have 15 totes at my sons, and they have been packed for over a year now—miss my stash !

    I love your wish list- guess I should start writing names of patterns down that I want also.
    what are you stitching on now?

    • Mel says:

      Hi Rhonda, top right corner of the blog site – I’m slooowly finishing off Midi Mystery 1.

      How wonderful to have your own place and away from death’s door! There’s nothing like bare white walls to get your fingers itching to stitch again – and with all those totes to open it will be just like Christmas as you discover all those buried treasures you forgot you had – I knoe its like that for me 🙂

      But with such a new lease on life – from Death’s door to your you own apartment, surely you’ll be up and about and romancing the baker down the street and far too busy to stitch!

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