Houppelande Floss Toss

Seeing as I had the camera out, I decided to do a floss toss with the existing DMC I have to see how the Houppelande design will go on the fabric I’ve selected.

Chart Cover

As can be seen, Martina has purposely designed the clothing on a grey mannikin to show off the fabrics and clothing to best effect – the way it is done in a museum.  I’ve done a floss toss below to check that the greys in the manikin “work” with the mottled greys in the fabric.

Houppelande Chatelaine Costuming Series

Floss Toss

So what do you think?  I’ve purposely taken the photo without a flash to give the best representation of how the colours look in real life in the lounge room on any given normal day.

Martina has provided a variation on the chart with “human” hands and face as can be seen here:

Houppelande Chatelaine Costuming Series

Face & Hands

But to be honest, I don’t like the face.  It looks like the face is painted on the grey slab manikin rather than having the contours associated with a proper three-dimensional head.  Or maybe I’m just projecting.

Either way, if the greys work on the fabric, I will probably stitch the manikin.  Or do what I did with Catherine of Aragon those years ago and leave her headless for months and months because I enjoy stitching the dress and then get side-tracked 🙂

Anyway thoughts, ideas, advice – please be honest!

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2 Responses to Houppelande Floss Toss

  1. kay jones says:

    Personally I would be a little concerned about losing the colour of the top and bottom greys/beiges on the fabric but you can see better “in the flesh” and if that is only the colour for the mannikin then its probably ok. Sparklies have a gorgeous fabric called slightly buttery that I’m toying with re; Herbularious. It would also be great for this too. Is this one done in DMC or are you just opting for that?

    • Mel says:

      The is the DMC component of the kit. I’m waiting for the Sparklies to arrive at Christmas 🙂

      As this is hopefully going to be a series, I’m looking for a neutral background that would work across all designs in the series and a fabric that would be relatively consistent between dye lots. That’s why I was looking at the Zwigart and Wichelt fabrics for this, they do have consistency in their Colours.

      Another option in my stash is Zweigart Potato but it is a very plain fabric. Perhaps a second floss toss is needed.

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