Canberra Floriade 2011

Floriade is an annual flower festival in Canberra. I remember it from when i lived here in the 1990s as a casual affair spreading over acres where a lot of locals visited for leisurely lunches and visitors came from all over Australia.

Unfortunately it seems to have morphed over the years as these things do so that the commercial area is as large or larger than the outdoor area.  Also the amount of flower beds has shrunk dramatically to one small area.  Most of the flower beds can be seen in one of my long shots.  A feat that would have been impossible in the past.

An area that used to take a leisurely 2 -3 hours to wander between the beds scattered around the shores of the lake is now a 20 minute jostle as the beds are jammed together.  Anyway, I did bring the camera and managed to get some shots off.  In conjunction with the rest overall disappointment of the day, the diversity of flower types was also dramatically reduced.

So, here are the photos. Click on each one to enlarge. There are a few shots I particularly like.  A few of the beds had planted masses of the same colour bulbs, but now and then, there was a mutant bulb.  Two shots I have show a purple tulip inside a mass of red tulips.  I loved this.

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  1. kay jones says:

    It seems so peculiar to be seeing tulips in Octoberr whereas here it would be March or May. The white with the pink edge could well be Webers Parrot, a relatively new variety. The black is probaably Black Parrot. I love tulips. The only problem is that they dont last very long.

    Did you manage the day without any problems?

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