Stashing – New Chatelaine Design

Yes it is now October and the new Chatelaine design range of historical costuming has commenced.  The first pattern is Houppelande.

Chart Cover

Given my love of historical costuming this series was always going to be a MUST for me.  It’s actually quite fortunate Dad is visiting this weekend – it’s the first time he’s seen his cynical, jaded, sarcastic, pessimistic daughter go SQUEEEEE since she was about 10.  OK so Dad and I don’t actually see each other that much and we try to act cool around each other.

So the upshot is, Dad has offered to buy me the kit for Christmas.  Well he had already agreed to fund the kit for Christmas, but now he’s extended the offer to the series.  As long as:

  1. I am unable to return to fulltime work
  2. The kits cost around $100-$120 each (depends on Martina not becoming too extravagant and the Aussie dollar remaining near parity)
  3. I finish stitching each one before he buys the next one

then Dad has offered to buy me each of the kits as they come out for birthdays and Christmas presents. I find these quite reasonable terms.

Now one hopes that I get these damn migraines under control sometime soon and I am back in fulltime work sometime in the next couple of months.  But at least this is something nice to consider as the time drags on and the couple of months stretches out further and further.

Now to stalk the ECC site until the Cindy and Angela upload the kits and cross my fingers that I’ve judged the cost of the kit accurately.

The dress itself is mainly DMC but the sleeves, dress hem, neckline, chemise, hairnet, belt and the brocaded overwork are all done in silks and beads.

The piece is 142 x 187 stitches.  I have a piece of 18 x 28″ Wichelt 32ct Queen Anne’s Lace here that I think might do the job quite nicely.  It’s a pale grey mottled background colour. If I skimp a little I might get both this and the next the design out of the same piece of fabric!

The kit requires:

3 skeins Needlepoint Inc silks
1 skein Caron Waterlillies
1 skein Dinky Dyes silk
1 skein Gloriana silk
2 skeins Gloriana Florimell
2 Skeins Gloriana Princess Perle Petite
3 cards Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid
1007 assorted Delica beads
a few swarovski crystals

Minus the fabric I estimated that to be around $100-$120 kit.  What does anyone else think?  Am I way off?


Updated 7 October 2011:
The kit is now out and its only $71.10 US!

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37 Responses to Stashing – New Chatelaine Design

  1. kay jones says:

    Sounds about right. The beads should be $30 -40 approx. Dont buy the thread kit until you ask around. I’m sure we all have at least one of the threads lounging that we could donate and you can do the same for us. Hell, my spelling is dreadful tonight, too much wine I suspect.

    I still want to know what the hell you have been up to; and who the KGB is. Now envelopes from Tim, Claire, Sisu and someone in Cambridge who I suspect is Hilary. Talk about the plot thickening. You wait madam…………I’ll get my own back sooner or later.

    • K.G.B? Us? Nah, must have been someone else using my details to fool you….
      It’s October, we all have birthdays comimg up so must just be sheer coincidence.
      Do NOT open until the 5th or else the contents will explode and be ruined. They are time sensitive and the Essex K.G.B faction will know.

  2. Mel says:

    Me? Why am I to blame? Why can’t I just be a knowledgeable bystander? I don’t have to be involved in all nefarious goings on you know 🙂

    So are you opening the envelopes as you receive them or leaving them for Wednesday too …

  3. tempewytch says:

    Hmm why am I being mentioned in respect of a Chatelaine?

  4. kay jones says:

    You are all in this together and No, I haven’t opened a single thing. They are all sat on the mantlepiece (thats the bit over the fireplace for foreigners). Mind you, I’m itching to do so but I’m being good.

    Mel, involved in mysterious goings on? Now who else do I know who would do such a thing

    • Mel says:

      Who else do you know? Well I could look pointedly at Essex and Cambridge for a start. And glance vaguely around the UK at other mutual friends who’s addresses I don’t know that well. Then I could look at whole other countries!!!!

      (points) Wow! Look over there! (Runs in opposite direction)

  5. Oy, who you calling a foreigner, just ‘cos I iz from Essex…shuuut uuup!

    Us lot? Up to no good? As if……….

  6. kay jones says:

    Well, isn’t anyone who lives beyond the Devon border a foreigner? and as for Esses? Where the hell is that?

    Hugs – hows the head?

  7. It definitely says Essex up there….definitely 🙂

    Head…what head.? I no longer have one. I have a freakish clone sitting on my shoulders that doesn’t behave itself.

  8. kay jones says:

    Just you wait you lot

  9. I resemble that remark sort of… I know nothing of this KGB!

    I think you are right about the kit price. As for the fabric what about the Zweigart vintage linen in marble or grey. It’s the sister fabric to the parchment on I have for the Pirates

    • Mel says:

      Oh my lord a comment on topic (faints)

      That’s why I was considering the Wichelt Queen Anne’s Lace. One it’s already in my stash. Two it’s a light mottled grey colour which should work as a neutral background for the whole series. Three its a fabric that tends to be similar between dye lots – I have pieces in my stash of various counts and sizes bought over the years and they are remarkably similar in tone.

      I’ll do a floss toss with the DMC to see if the manniken greys work on the fabric.

  10. Tina says:

    I have NO idea what any of you are talking about. I’m up here in the far reaches of coastal Maine in a speck of a town called Stonington. I only send Kreinik threads to Julie in exchange for Tim Tams

  11. Nancy Jones says:

    What’s the KGB got to do with anything? Am I missing something?
    Houppelande looks to be right up your alley, Mel, or is that an American saying?

  12. Sisu says:

    KGB? What KGB? I was merely in a sending mood and mailed off a few bits. You’re not the only recipient. I am innocent.
    (what, protested too loudly?)

  13. Karen R in GA says:

    Queen Anne’s Lace would be great, I think – it really is a lot more versatile than you think just looking at it…

    There was a rumor about the KGB – but here in the hills and backwoods of N. Georgia, you can’t always believe what you hear. Those damn postal workers, always full of malarkey…

  14. kay jones says:

    Just you lot wait. I’ve put all your names in my black book. However, I hope you will all be waiting to back me when MI6 and the CIA knock on the door or will you let me languish in Guantanamo Bay for years on end?

    • Mel says:

      Oh as if all of those names weren’t already in your little black book, justifiably or not 🙂 Such a suspicious woman!!! Love you dearly even though you seem think me capable of planning god knows what when I can’t even plan a proper nights sleep.

      So when are you going to open all of these mysterious packages and envelopes? In the morning, after lunch, in th evening? And the most important question, has mine arrived?

    • Sisu says:

      Kay who? KG-what? Never heard of them.
      ((whistles while strolling away))

  15. kay jones says:

    I shall open them in the morning probably. and the question to the important question is No but I’m sure it will:))

  16. Laura Landis says:

    Poor Kay, she’s so mistreated getting copious amounts of packages in the mail. ::sigh:: She must live such a dreadful existence to have this happen. Of course, there could always be more….

  17. kay jones says:

    Surely there cant by any more???????????????????????????????

  18. kay jones says:

    Hey …..little mmmmm maybe………lady …most definitely……old??????? no no no. Bet I could still outrun you two…….

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