Ask about kits and you hear the same old moaning

oh I hate kits
 the supplies are substandard
there’s never enough floss
they skimp on the fabric
I’d rather use floss and fabric in my stash
I like to change out the fabric and use my own

Well here are some kits that appear completely opposite to everything you thought were bad about kits. These are kits I want to buy and stitch!

Mini Ladybugs 1

Mini Ladybugs 1 from Dimples Designs. As the Silver Needle site says “Presented as the complete kit of charts, linen, flosses and metallics, the entire picture measures just 4 x 5, so imagine that each ladybug is only 1 x 1!”



A Coffin to Die For

A Coffin to Die For

A Coffin to Die For by Fern Ridge Collections. As the Silver Needle site says “This thing measures just 4-1/2 x 2 x 1-1/4 in size. Lift the cover to reveal your stitched lining on 28ct Vanilla Swirl Cashel Linen. Best wishes of Rest in Peace are stitched right there!  Next, see the tiny needle book? Kind of like a little blanket, complete with silver bone closure charm. Finally, the pillow in there (like half an inch in size!) with a bead rose on it, complete with a few drops of ‘blood!’ The complete kit comes with the chart, linen, Warm ‘n Natural lining, flosses, beads, bone charm and of course the miniature coffin.”


Hazel's Hat Scissor's Minder

Hazel's Hat

Hazel’s Hat Scissor Keeper by Acorn House Designs. As the Silver Needle site says “Worked on a mangy gray linen, it is finished 3-dimensionally, and features DMC Memory Thread inside to give the hat band the stability to stand out. Can you see the little spider? He is hanging on there by a bit of Kreinik opalescent #4 braid — it’s his web! He is stitched over one thread, and features tiny beaded legs. Then, he has a super strong magnet in his body to cling to the scissors stored in the hat! The whole hat finishes approx 4-1/2 x 5, and is perfect for any black scissors you have.”


Aren’t these gorgeous?  So what else is out there? What kits do you have in your stash or Lust Lists that are unusual enough that you must purchase the kit?  Share in the comments!

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