Last Tuesday

I haven’t posted this week as I’ve been trying to stitch up a secret stitching project. Also I just haven’t felt like blogging or haven’t had much that I thought was appropriate blogging material.

I talk about myself a LOT on my blog – hey its my blog that’s what it’s for.  You may have noticed that I don’t mention my mum at all in a personal context, her thoughts, fears, health etc any more – that is by her request.  Since I changed blog format from Multiply which was a closed format to WordPress which is an open format, mum doesn’t want me talking about private stuff here.

That is a reflection of our differing personalities and I’ve tried wherever possible to be sensitive to her wishes as well as to my own requirements for the blog.  I thought hard about the rest of this post and the following one and I think I’ve skirted then thin edge of the line between her wishes and mine.  That is I’ve included too much information for her liking and not enough for mine 🙂

Since I’ve moved in with mum, it’s been difficult for her grandchildren to visit.  Master 4 can be described as either attention deprived and without an inside voice or a undiagnosed ADHD sufferer with accompanying undiagnosed mild hearing issues.  To put it baldly he can’t speak at less than a shout and does not understand the difference between good attention and bad attention.

Master 2 is a completely different child, quiet, independent. He used to play with Hemingway a lot and now plays with Abby a bit.

With noise-induced migraines, I cannot be around Master 4 for long periods of time.  My sister would visit bringing Master 2 on a semi regular basis, but mum would have to drive to drive to my sisters to visit Master 4.

That’s the background.  Anyway, to the crux of the story.  On Tuesday, as an experiment, to see how well the increased dosage of the Deseril is working, we picked up both kids and brought them over for a visit.  It went surprisingly well.

Master 4 had been practicing speaking softly and actually remembered to do so for around two minutes at a time. It showed he was trying.  We had a few dramas such as he refused to eat his lunch that he picked out and he ran to the fridge and grabbed out a chocolate bar instead.  I stepped in at the point and used my “storytime voice” to tell him that he couldn’t have any chocolate because he hadn’t eaten his lunch.  Master 2 could have some chocolate if he wanted some.  Master 2 didn’t of course (completely different child) but Master 4’s eyes grew as big as saucers.  Apparently Master 4 has never been to storytime.

Anyway by mid afternoon with Master 4 refusing to nap and getting quite fractious and my head hurting and me starting to get a little annoyed we decided that was good enough for a first attempt.

I was a wipeout for the rest of the day and all of Wednesday. Had a very fragile head.  But it was a good experiment.

Mum and Kiddo thought the experiment was worth discussing again as a possibility on Saturday for a couple of hours while my Sister and her partner attend a party.

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3 Responses to Last Tuesday

  1. I am glad that the experiment went semi well! Sounds like you weren’t totally put under the table from Master 4. In the past, if I am not mistaken from your previous blogs, that amount of stimulus would of laid you out for days at a time! Great progress!!


  2. kay jones says:

    You did good kid. Obviously the kid had been “spoken to” before he visited but likewise, it takes several talking toos before they get it through their thick heads.

    Hopefully Sat went/will go well. When it gets difficult, send Mum plus kids off to the park and get some rest.


  3. rocalisa says:

    Glad to hear there has been some progress. May there be much more in the future.

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