Skeleton Crew – I’m done!

OK I’m throwing in the towel and calling Skeleton Crew done!

I’ve completely finished off the middle mast.  I’ve finished the bottom of the boat and the skeleton.  I really don’t know whether to stitch the sea serpent in one thread or two, so I’m going to chicken out and leave it unstitched. I’m going to leave it for the next person to decide what to do. Maybe their stitches are plumper than mine and it wont be that much of issue for them 🙂  Right Sisu??   Sisu?  Friend?  Buddy?  Pal ….

Cross-Eyed Cricket Skeleton Crew Cover Picture

Skeleton Crew Chart Cover

Cross-Eyed Cricket Skeleton Crew

Laura's Round Robin as it arrived to me

Skeleton Crew after I'm finished

We are going to have one more look at it in the dark tonight ( it looks soooo cooool in the dark!) and then carefully check and remove all trace of cat hair and pack it up tomorrow to go in the mail on Monday.

At least with Abby not taking as much interest in my stitching as Trubs did, there wont be as much cat hair to be removed …

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8 Responses to Skeleton Crew – I’m done!

  1. tempewytch says:

    It is looking great!

  2. kay jones says:

    So what did you and I do wrong? I tried very hard to make my stitches look as thick as Lauras but couldn’t.

  3. Mel says:

    The only way I could thicken my stitches that much was to tease apart the individual fibres of each strand and that just made it fuzzy.

    All I can conclude is maybe she used a different skein, an older skein where the thread was actually thicker?

  4. Sisu says:

    How many strands were used on the already started part of the sea serpent?

  5. Sisu says:

    And I have no idea what that thing is that it chose for my icon. Weird.

  6. Mel says:

    Some parts had been erroneously stitched in two strands (easy enough mistake to make) but the early sections do look like they’ve been stitched in one strand, just a thicker strand, if that makes any sense?

    If my stitches looked that plump and thick I would have chosen only one strand too, but seeing as I had a nearly new skein when the piece arrived to me I suspect we were onto a new skein, one where the strands were a lot thinner. When I stitch this piece in my stash, I will certainly stitch this in two strands, maybe even three. Unless I find I have hidden away some of the early made glow in the dark skeins are they are thickly stranded like Laura’s first section.

    Or I could be completely off my beam. Have a look at the back of th piece when you receive it and tell me what you think? You might find all the strands look the same and my theory is a whole lot of hokum!

    As for your avatar, I chose the monster set so it randomly assigns a monster to anyone who hasn’t uploaded their own pic. I thought it would be a little different to the usual blank headshots or question marks you see on all the other blogs 🙂

  7. Mel says:

    Ooops just realized I missed what you were asking Sisu. The sea serpent! Ok in the top photo it was stitched in two threads. In the bottom photo I started restitching it in one thread.

    This is being posted out to you later his morning. With one thing and another we didn’t get to the Post Office on Monday.

  8. Sierra says:

    What a cute design.

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