New fabric disappointment

Recently a new to me hand-dyed fabric store Sparklies in the UK had their first ever sale.  Although short of money I caved and bought a piece of Black Dahlia.

Sparklies Black Dahlia

Black Dahlia Screenshot

Doesn’t this look truly luscious?  Lovely shades of midrange to dark purples. I thought this twilight colour would be perfect as a dark background fabric to use for The Great Escape SAL just started on The Stitch Specialists yahoogroup. There’s a photo of the design on their site.

Below are pictures of the fabric that turned up – splotches of black and red.  The whole piece looks like soot and lava.  It is a beautiful piece of fabric and I am sure I will eventually use it for something, probably a minimalist design from Enchanting Lair, Fire Wing or Alessandro Adelaide.

But for now, I am just sooo disappointed that it is not what I thought I was ordering nor will it work for the design I broke my budget to buy it for.

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4 Responses to New fabric disappointment

  1. tempewytch says:

    Have you contacted them? Even though it was a sale item it should still be as stated.

  2. kay jones says:

    Oh bugger. I’ve just had an email from them to say that my order has been sent. I’ve also got a piece of Black Dahlia ordered. Wonder if mine will turn out the same or whether its another dye lot. Will let you know.

  3. Mel says:

    I’m not sending it back. The postage to the UK would be half the price of the fabric. Also the more I think about it, the more I think this fabric would be perfect for the Fire Wing tribal dragon designs (when I get around to acquiring those charts).

    Also mum and I went through both our fabric stashes last night and we think we found a better replacement for The Great Escape. I’m still waiting for a few threads to arrive to do a floss toss, but I’m going to try Abracadabra from Silkweaver. A midrange purple, closer in tone to Abi’s original.

    Now that I’m over my initial disappointment, I’ve decided that Sparkles goes into the category of “buy a swatch BEFORE before purchasing a large piece” in future. At least they do have the swatch option.

    I’d be very curious to see what your piece looks like Kay! For a few days there this fabric was the top of their bestseller list so they must have sold quite a bit of it. My piece was posted about two weeks ago so it may be a different dye lot.

  4. rocalisa says:

    I’d be disappointed too. While it’s pretty, the fabric you got bears NO resemblance to their swatch and therefore what you thought you were buying.

    Kay, do make sure to tell us what yours looks like when it comes. I’ll be very interested to see it.

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