Health stuff

I feel like I’ve had a few health improvements lately.

  • I wrote and updated a little spreadsheet last week.
  • I followed up an outstanding RAK from July that hadn’t been received yesterday.
  • I also contacted a cross stitch shop regarding some outstanding orders. One from May and one from July! Their answer “oh the fabric hasn’t been received from the suppliers yet”. One of those pieces of fabric was a standard piece of Wichelt, why haven’t YOU followed this up? What about the chart and threads I ordered? Where are they? OK so I was polite, cancelled the fabric orders and only asked about the chart and threads, still 24 hours later and no reply. This is one of the largest Online Cross Stitch suppliers in the US.

However today I realised how miniscule my progress is in real terms.  Today mum turned the morning radio on for the first time in months.  Most people have the radio or television or music playing in the background all the time.  I used to.  I can’t now.  With these current improvements, we gave it a try.  No immediate migraine – WIN!

I also cannot read while the radio is on.  I cannot read while the radio is playing. How freaking ridiculous can you get. I can’t write either, but that’s not surprising.  If you cannot connect the meaning of each word you read in your head long enough to form a sentence, then how would you expect to write the concept in your head down into words.

Can someone please just shoot me.  This is not a decent way to live.

On the positive side, Abby and I played with toy mice and her tunnel/tube for nearly an hour this morning. This improved both our moods. I wish we had a third person here to film it. It would have been a hit on YouTube and Kittypix!

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  1. kay jones says:

    Perhaps you should come over here and we can share the bottle of wine.

    I wish I could help. I think you are going to have to try things to see if they work. If they do, great. If not, then leave it for a few weeks and try again. Take one day at a time and focus on the positive things that have happened during the day and try to minimise the not so good. Sending many hugs. Now all I have to do is try and take my own advice:))

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