Weekend Update

Well Skeleton Crew is still providing headaches.  I’m working on the middle mast and everything is lining up! YAY!  That’s not the problem. Everything is where it should be.

The problem is that my stitches don’t look anywhere near as plump as everyone elses.  I’ve tried loosening my tension but that just looks horrid. Glow in the Dark thread does not forgive loose stitching, it has a spring in it like metallic thread does.

I think it’s related to the fact that I stitch backwards to everyone else so I’ve been stitching 90 degrees so my stitches go the same way.  When you turn the piece sideways my stitches do look as plump, but not when you look straight on.  I’m perplexed.

So I’ve left it alone for a day or two to think about it.

Skeleton Crew Cross-Eyed Cricket

Skeleton Crew Middle Mast

In other news I’ve moved across another two months of old 2006 posts so we have June and July 2006 now.  I do apologise to those who receive this blog on email subscription, I do not know how to turn off the email notifications for the older posts 😦 Any suggestions from more experienced WordPress users?

I’ve also uploaded a few WIP galleries for pieces I was working on in the first half of 2006 an I’ve started moving across some of the my finished pieces photos.  That gallery will be a work in progress itself for a while to come 🙂

Anyway feel free to have a look through the old posts or the galleries at any time.  The galleries are listed on the top right hand side of the widget area.

Only other area of stitching interest is that I’ve uploaded some photos into the appropriate Google plus area for one of the sneaky Christmas presents I’m working on.  Mum and I did some floss tosses yesterday and these are available for anyone in that circle to comment on.

Now back to figuring out figuring out what to do with Skeleton Crew … maybe I’ll go and bake a loaf of bread.

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4 Responses to Weekend Update

  1. kay jones says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one with this problem. When I looked at what I’d stitched it wasn’t as plump or as thick as the bit that Michelle did. I think the answer is just to carry on.

    Hugs me

  2. Mel says:

    Michelle? Methinks you need another glass of wine Kay, you’ve been out in the garden too long today!

    The difference really doesn;t show up as much in the photos so maybe it is just refraction from my stitches being on a different angle. I’ll keep stitching and take another look when the middle mast is finished.

  3. kay jones says:

    Should have been Laura. Not sure about a glass of wine – a bottle of wine and a bottle of sleeping tablets would be more effective

    • Mel says:

      Bottle of wine and bottle of sleeping tablets would be a far too permanent solution for my taste. I like having you around.

      In happier news, I finished the left side of the section of sail I as working on last night so we turned the lights off. Skeleton Crew looks soooooo cooool in the dark! I so wish I had a camera that could photograph all the luminescence!

      Yes my inner child appears to be a seven year old boy.

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