Non-stitching update

Well after a couple of weeks of not feeling hygienic enough to touch stitching, I finally felt well enough yesterday to pick up Skeleton Crew to start stitching my part of the Round Robin.

I thought I’d start on the Sea Serpent across the bottom of the chart.  It was already started and I just needed to continue it on  – right ??  Right ????

Life doesn’t work that simply for Mel this year.  Mel should have known it was a trap.  She started stitching and the discovered something was deeply awry ….

The serpent was out of alignment and my stitching looked thinner than the previous section. This required some investigation.  Perusing back through journal entries from previous round robiners a pattern emerges …. a goblin has been stalking this project.

Each entry seems eerily similar … started stitching, found the previous section was out by 10 or 12 stitches, this is sooo unlike stitcher X, she is always so careful. I’ve unstitched and restitched section B and stitched section C.

And now its my turn.  Its obvious.  A gremlin is stalking the package and restitching whole sections while it is en route to make it wrong.  This is baaaad.  I will leave the project out overnight where Abby can keep watch ….

I hope a gremlin snack doesn’t give her indigestion ….


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3 Responses to Non-stitching update

  1. kay jones says:

    That project is definitely jinxed. We’ve all had problems and I really dont know why. Told Laura she should have sent the bras:))

  2. Mel says:

    We probably shouldn’t have been surprised that a Halloween piece would be haunted 🙂 I dread to think what would happen if someone sent around a piece that contained pictures of frogs!

  3. Think the serpent may be my fault. I realised after I’d sent it to Kay that I’d stitched the serpent in two strands, not one of GITD. Mea Culpa. Don’t know why I realised after but I did, Don’t tell me that I managed to miss-count because I am paranoid about that, especially as I had so many problems!

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