Health Update: August Review

Well we saw the Consultant Neurologist on Wednesday. He agreed that the ergotamine family of drugs appears to be the best shot at addressing my migraine. Unfortunately all ergotamine based drugs were removed from the Australian market a number of years ago.  Most patients respond better to newer drugs than have less side effects.

The best we can do is to gradually step up the Deseril (which contains an ergot derivative) until I either cannot handle the side effects (cramping/nausea/diarrhea) or we reach the maximum allowable dosage.  Stepping up gradually and all going well this should take four weeks.  Then we allow another four weeks to see if this dose is enough to make an identifiable difference to my migraine.

So I report back in two months.

The side effects are caused by this drug being a vascular constrictor and it increases the creation of digestive acids.

In the meantime I’m back to sleeping only three to four hours a night due to the head pain.

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2 Responses to Health Update: August Review

  1. kay jones says:

    Thats a bummer. I shall be well and truly up s..t creek if they ban it here too. Best keep stashing it away, just in case shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Hiopefully the Deseril will have some effect. Migril also has the vaso constrictor element (not good for my blood pressure) and I’m already on Omipresole for a hiatus hernia and over production of acid anyway. However, as I said before, the vaso constrictor element of it does also seem to increase urinary output (how polite is that?) AND, best of all, if you take it before bedtime it gives you a good nights sleep.

    Good luck kid.


  2. rocalisa says:

    I really hope it works out for you.

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