Application of reason and logic

I always knew that when Trubs passed on I would have a lot of problems continuing to stitch.  Having her in my lap, purring, was part of the whole meditative experience. The first week after her death I tried stitching without her and found the experience frustrating, depressing and very difficult.

So I sat and thought and turned the problem on its head.  Under what conditions, did I used to stitch without Trubs?

  1. When I didn’t want her there – when stitching items that were going to other people e.g. round robins or model stitch projects
  2. When she didn’t want to be there – when I used an oversized frame that made it uncomfortable for her to be there
  3. When I didn’t notice if she was there or not – when the project excited me that much

I know point three sounds very iffy, but we have been discussing inspiration and passion in one of the groups lately and I have been “in the zone” with a couple of projects so much that I honestly couldn’t remember if Trubs was on my lap or not.

So I looked for a project that fitted at least two of the three criteria. The project I came up with was Midi Mystery 1

  • I had already finished four of the six parts so every time I looked at it I was amazed at the stitches that were already there.
  • Also as I had beaded as I went, I now needed to purchased a set of 17″ q-snaps specifically to continue to stitch this project. 17×11″ q-snap frame is quite unwieldy compared to the 6×6″ hand frame I usually use.
  • The fifth section of this project as mainly cross stitch but with a little mental flexibility required for the hand-dyed fill-in stitches. The level of complexity was perfect for my current mental limitations.

And … it worked!  I’ve managed to stitch on Midi Mystery OK for the better part of a week. I’ve gotten my enthusiasm back and even managed some small meditation during parts of this.  Much happier with this project than the struggle I had the last week.  I’ve already finished all of the cross stitching on Part 5. All I have left to do is fix some mistakes in previous parts I found and then bead Part 5.  Then Part 6 – the final Part!

Chatelaine Midi Mystery 1 - Part 5

So I am going to use this technique for planning my stitching for the rest of the year.  I’m planning:

  • Finish Midi Mystery 1 – hey its working so far
  • Finish Round Robins – these would have had to be kept cat free anyway and both projects inspire me
  • Start Chatelaine Costumes 1 – that project inspires me more than any other has in years and it will definitely need the 17″ q-snaps
  • Stitch some Christmas Presents – stitching some secret presents to give away excites me (yes I’m just a kid at heart) and these would need to have been kept clean.

So hopefully this will keep me calm and happy throughout the rest of 2011, and we will see what happens in 2012.  I know there are some projects I wont be able to get back to for quite some time – but hey I have some WIPs that haven’t seen the light of day for nearly five years for no reason anyway, so there’s no need to stress.

So thoughts? ideas? Am I over thinking again? Making mountains out of sand grains?

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3 Responses to Application of reason and logic

  1. kay jones says:

    Hey girl. Your’e doing fine. Losing Trubs to you is the same as me losing one of my girls so its going to need a lot of adjustment.

    Just take one day at a time and I’m sure your’ll get there.


  2. rocalisa says:

    Brilliant idea. Clever girl.

    Just take it gently. She was such a huge part of your life and it is going to take time to adjust.

    I’m kind of dreading going to stay with my parents in October as my mother had to have her 21 year old cat put down since the last time I visited. It is going to be so strange to go to their house and not see her there. I can’t imagine how much harder it must be for you.

  3. Karen R in GA says:

    I definitely think you went about that the right way – I think the way I got around it when Booger went, was because I started Chat Noir for him at that time, and worked through some of the grief BY stitching FOR him. It was damn hard, no doubt about it, still is – but it does get easier. Eventually. You’ll eventually associate (re-associate?) the other parts of your life with the stitching – and listing out some of those things is just the way to draw your attention back to them! Midi looks AWESOME – you need to finish it, it’s a gorgeous piece!

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