Birthday Thankyou – Miss A

teapot teacup divas birthday

I’m wondering if Miss A and Kay collaborated …. Kay sent me lots of unique tea bags. Miss A gives me a cute little one person teapot and teacup.

I love the teapot!  I dislike the taste of tannin so I drink my tea quite weak (yes comment if you must). The wide mouth of the cup ensures that my tea cools fast enough that I cn drink both cups out of the pot before the tannin has stewed out of the leaves.  It’s perfect for me!

And the “divas” on the cup make me smile every time I use it!

The other main present from Miss A were these socks.  Holeproof Explorers made from bamboo silk!  And yes, one pair is fluorescent yellow!  These are the socks she gave me while we were in and out of the hospital earlier this month.  I put on the fluro yellow socks whenever I feel down now.  I seem to be amassing a collection of socks – this is a good thing 🙂

Miss A Birthday

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  1. kay jones says:

    Love the teapot. But then I love quirky things. Glad to hear you are into socks……………

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