Birthday Thankyou – Meg

Birthday floss club

Meg has been in Uruguay for quite some time before heading back to the US.  I wonder of that’s where she found such a beautiful card?  It is made of paper from sustainlably managed forests so its eco-friendly as well as elegant!

Meg also sent a surplus of wonderful threads!  These threads have no pre-determined use so I can just play with them.  Actually these threads might go very well with the fabrics that Tina sent.

ThreadworX 1059 Mystique

ThreadworX 1129 Merlot

ThreadworX 10241 Grapes

Rainbow Gallery Silk Lame Braid SL39 Lagoon


The green mystique might go well with the moss-green dovestitch fabric while the Merlot and grapes might look good on the blue/grey fabric.  We may be talking a match made in heaven.  Well some might equate my stash room with heaven …

I’ve not used the Silk Lame before, it appears to be a thick thread …. hmmm pondering – I’ll find somewhere I can use it fairly immediately I’m sure.  I don’t have much patience when I want to try out something new 🙂  I’m sure there’s a blackwork Christmas ornament pattern calling my name.




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