Birthday Thankyou – Anne

Stitched card birthday floss club

Oh my!!!  I was sooo surprised when I opened the envelope and saw this gorgeous hand stitched card!  Anne it is beautiful!  Really pretty – and in my favourite colours – green and black!

Anne also included a few threads I need to kit up a few of designs too!

Gloriana 102 Fresh Snow – Will be used in M Designs’ Snowflake

ThreadworX  1133 Summer Shadows – Will be used in Enchanting Lair’s Galaxy Dragon

Dinky Dyes Silk 031 Choco Latte – Will be used in Dinky Dyes’ Kitty Love


Thank you so much Anne!  It is such a beautiful card and a thoughtful selection of floss – I can’t wait to start stitching with the Fresh Snow – Gloriana is one of my favourite threads!  I’m still gobsmacked at the hand stitched card.  Still trying to find the right place to put it ….

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4 Responses to Birthday Thankyou – Anne

  1. Anne says:

    Dear Mel, thank you for your kind words; I’m so glad you like the card and it is nice to know what you will use the threads for. I apologise for the things arriving so late; I had 3 birthdays in August – my grandson on 21st, a friend on 22nd and (even though I had it written down that yours was the 15th) decided yours was the 23rd. It was posted on the 9th and I was beginning to get a bit worried that it had gone astray, planning to storm the post office tomorrow to demand an explanation !
    I was so sorry to read about the loss of your dear little friend Trubs; can’t imagine life without my little Millie.

    • Mel says:

      Anne – no need to apologise. As you can see, I wasn’t up to opening my presents on the day anyway.

      Also, as most of friends live around the country or around the world, my birthday usually extends a couple weeks in either direction of the actual day. Has done so for years. So opening cards and presents on the actual “day” doesn’t worry me that much. So really don’t worry or stress.

      And finally – look at what you sent! It was worth waiting for !!! It was gorgeous! Did you get some inside help? It was just my colours!

  2. kay jones says:

    Anne did a gorgeous card for me too. A very talented lady. Great gifts. Am I jealous? You bet….

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