Health Update

Well so much for writing these weekly ….

In my last post, I had just returned from hospital from a series of Dihydroergotamine (DHE) injections. Although these didn’t “fix” the migraines, they did appear to have some form of positive effect.  THe best description I can give is to say that it was like someone had put a large woolen blanket over the migraine. I knew it was still there and still pounding away, but I could now ignore it to a degree and get on with other things.  I could remain calm and not want to scream and rant in frustration with my life.  In short I could remain a rational human even in the grip of the worst migraine.

This was improvement!

Unfortunately, this seemed to wear off after two weeks when a couple of children shrieking in the chemist’s shop set off massive migraine pain and I was incapacitated for three or so days.  This morning I woke up with aching wrists, which means I’ve been clenching my fists in my sleep due to the pain again.

So slowly the pain levels are rising back to where they were before the hospital visit.

But we have two good things out of this:

  1. We now have an idea of what family of drugs will affect the migraine. This may help the specialist target or refine the drug therapies.
  2. I have hope again. I lost it there for a while, but now I know there will be a cure and will sometime soon be able to get a job, go out for brunch, go out the movies, meet with friends and do all those things I love to do.

We see the specialist again on Wednesday.

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5 Responses to Health Update

  1. kay jones says:

    I know I’m a PITA but I still say Migril can sort these out. Yes, they do have side effects but they are nothing compared to the pain that you suffer with the migraines.

    I do hope things get better. The ergotamine drugs are, in my opinion, the only ones for severe migraines. They tend to make periods worse as in its pure form they are used for bringing on terminations (or I should say, they were used in my day). but thats a small price to pay for peace of mind.

    Love from me

    • Mel says:

      OK that was my misunderstanding. I thought your Migril was the same as our Imigram which is *the* popular severe migraine drug of choice here. Imigram does nothing for me.

      However as you say, Migril is an Ergotamine whereas Imigram is merely a Triptan. Deseril, which is the latest drug the specialist included in my cocktail is an ergot alkoloid but it doesn’t seem to be enough. I will ask him specifically about the Migril on Wednesday.

      And the best part – I can actually get all of this straight in my head – I couldn’t do that before the hospital visit!

  2. kay jones says:

    Things are obviously getting better if you can think coherently again. Sounds like your Imigram is the same as Migraleve here which did nothing for me either. I’ve tried them all over the years. The only other one that did any good (and for the life of me I cant remember its name, damn) was one of those drugs they use to keep you awake at night but when I changed doctors he said that he wouldn’t prescribe it:((.

    If the Migril wasn’t such a powerful drug I’d have sent you some. I keep loads here whichmy Dr doesn’t know about:))

    • Mel says:

      Yeah I could just see the look on the Specialist’s face if I opened the conversation with “well I took these pills a friend from overseas sent me: 🙂 But I will definitely ask what drugs he would recommend in the ergotamine family as that seems to be the way the results are pointing.

  3. kay jones says:

    Especialy if they worked. But then, I always thought I should have been a Consultant:))

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