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This blog was created on 24 March 2011.

I had previous blogs on Multiply from 2006 and Livejournal from 2008.  LJ allowed me to export my blog including comments but Multiply did not.  I have slowly (very slowly) been manually importing my blog posts and galleries from Multiply starting from back in 2006.  I admit I’m savouring the trip down memory lane, but I regret the loss of the post comments.

If you feel like perusing the old blog posts as I copy them in, please do!  Feel free to comment too!

Current import progress: 31 July 2006.
Latest gallery: Catherine of Aragon – Mary Hickmott magazine

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  1. patchesmany says:

    I can relate to how tedious that is. I have been moving blog posts manually as well. What a time consuming project.

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