Trubs Update

We thought with the warmer weather that Trubs would perk up now and we would be fine until next winter.  At this stage, although she is 17 and skin and bones it is only the arthritis that is a major health concern.

Unfortunately, even though the weather is warming up, she is still moving quite stiffly and has mostly lost the strength in her back legs.  She can’t walk in a straight line any more. She doesn’t jump, she uses her front paws to pull herself up and onto or over whatever she needs.

Then yesterday we couldn’t tempt her into eating and she stopped grooming around her face. We both lavished attention on her and I cleaned her face a number of times for her throughout the day.

However this morning I was woken at 6:30am by a very imperious yowl to open to back door.  Apparently the freshly cleaned and changed litter trays from yesterday weren’t good enough and madam decided she needed to go out into the fog and hard frost this morning to do her business.

Abby poked her nose outside the back door, only her nose mind you, turned and headed straight for the litter tray and then straight back to bed.

Trubs is now back inside, on my lap, warm and purring as I type this.  I suspect she’ll be with us for a while longer.  I just have to be aware that just because her bones are warmer, she’s still going to have troubles.

We have her on daily joint and arthritis supplements (that she loves to eat), a joint health dry kibble formula (when she eats kibble) and monthly cartrophan injections.  I also give her metacam whenever the pain is obviously bad. There’s not much more we can do ….

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2 Responses to Trubs Update

  1. Julie Dollery says:

    This was my “worst case scenario” for Pi, when they’re not critically ill, but not having much fun either. I think you’re one of the best of pet owners, that recognizes that our furkids are with us “for life” & unlike a book or a piece of furniture, living critters are a gamble and they’re not going to come up a winner every day. Trubs has given you so much joy over the years & like me, that purr on the lap is all the payment you need the reassurance that she’s still getting joy from her life.
    More pats for the old purry.

  2. kay jones says:

    I so empathise with you honey. Delbert is now 12 and a quarter and the average life of a healthy labrador is 13. He too has problems with his legs, probably arthritis. We’ve got glucosime for him and he has cold liver oil but I’m not sure that it totally works. Old age is a terrible thing (she says from experience). Enjoy Trubs while you can.,

    Love to you all

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