Slice of Life: Spring Cleaning division

I had forgotten that when you have a definite Winter, you have a definable Spring. When you feel a definable Spring weather in the air, there comes with it Spring Cleaning.

Picture the following snippet of conversation a few minutes ago; I was in the kitchen washing up. Mum was in the bathroom.

Me (calling out): Don’t superglue the cat!

After a loooong pause:

Mum: Ummm …. I’ll try not.  I’ll try not to superglue the cat but I can’t promise anything.

Abby did wander out of the bathroom in apparently normal working order a few minutes later ….

In other news, we’re heading into Canberra this weekend for the Craft & Quilt Fair.  Yep – I’m going out in public, where there are sure to be a lot of people and many kids and we will see how the migraine fares … but damnit I need to get out and resume life.  So we will see.  Hope to be catching up with Miss A and YummyTimTam.


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  1. kay jones says:

    My imagination is going haywire as to why your Mum would have super glue in the bathroom!!!!!!

    Hope the show was good. Did you buy anything? and how was the migraine?

    Your pressie was posted on Tuesday 9th so hopefully it wont take too long.

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