Slice of Life: Cat Division

6:30am Abby wakes me up the fastest way she knows how – by shredding a cardboard box in my bedroom.  We aren’t sure how this evolved, but I suspect any librarian wakes upon the sound of shredding paper the way a mother wakes to the sound of a screaming baby.

I had a late night last night, so I didn’t really want to be woken at 6:30am … I really really didn’t.  After ignoring her for almost a minute I threw the covers back, picked Abby up, put her outside the back door and shuffled blearily off to the loo.

While still in the loo and still mostly asleep, Trubs visits and starts yowling. I finish my ablutions, shuffle off to the lounge room, turn on the lights – BRIGHT LIGHTS – and add some wood to the fire.

Waking enough to feel thirsty I move off into the kitchen to fill my water bottle before contemplating a return to bed. Trubs follows me in and yowls loudly.  I empty and refill her water bowl too.

Trubs yowls again staring at her food bowl so I give her some of her treats.  She jumps up to Abby’s food bowl and yowls again.  “Eat your own first” I tell her.

As I’m standing there, taking that first sip of water it finally dawns on me – its raining outside.  I open the back door and poor Abby runs straight inside.

I am now fully awake and have a bored Abby running amok inside the house because it’s too wet to play outside.  I’ve thrown jangly balls, I ‘ve dangled mice and I’ve had my left arms shredded …

Trubs on the hand, is sitting by the fire staring at us both in undisguised disgust …

Final Note: The photos above were not taken this morning. I am far too tired to be let near a camera right now.

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3 Responses to Slice of Life: Cat Division

  1. Predeceased says:

    That’s a great photo of Abby. And Trubs does look thin, but not dangerously so there. Just ‘old’ thin.

  2. Mel says:

    That’s her “sitting fat” photo with all her fur fluffled out; I only posted her best photos. I’ll privately send you some showing her true skin and bones physique 😦 She’s under 3 kilos in weight now and cannot balance on three legs anymore …

    • Predeceased says:

      It was her coat condition that mad her look old to me, but if she’s ruffled up that may be why. If she’s still bright-eyed and feisty she’s ok – just the usual issues that old people get.

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