Health Update: Off to Hospital …

Saw the consultant neurologist last Wednesday for the regular monthly update.  Almost missed the appointment because I couldn’t believe it had been four weeks already!

The new drug Dezeril is helping with the daily pain until a migraine is triggered. None of the drugs help the pain once a migraine is in flare and nothing is stopping migraine trigger sensitivity.

So, we’re back to the next option of Dihydroergotamine injections.  DHC is specifically designed to stop the migraine pain once the flare has started.  Dr Andrews recommends a course of 6 injections over 4 days to “break the migraine cycle”.  This is the same methodology he has been using with the other drug therapies; to break the cycle.

As we are too far out of Canberra to drive in out daily for four days, especially as I need early morning and late afternoon injections on two days, and mum has her own medical appointments at home to attend, I will staying with Miss A for a few days.

Miss A will be on leave at that time and insists she will drive me to and from the hospital and stay with me during and after the injections as we don’t know how all this is going to work.

I am just grateful for a place to stay as this way mum can continue her own medical treatment and hopefully get a couple of days down time.  This way both mum and Miss A feel much happier; neither of them wanted me going through any form of hospital procedure on my own.

So I’m now coming back off the Dezeril (its contraindicated) and in early August I’ll be Canberra for four days catching up with Miss A, visiting Canberra hospital and possibly becoming pain-free …

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6 Responses to Health Update: Off to Hospital …

  1. Tempewytch says:

    Oh I really hope this works for you! Best of luck

  2. kay jones says:

    Hopefully this will work. My Migril is an ergotomine derivative with added caffeine and cyclizine so its similar to what you are going to have. Side effects I find are – limbs ie hands, arms and legs, can feel heavy but its no big deal. Drowsiness – usually means you get a good nights sleep. Makes you pee GALLONS. Marvellous for the weight loss but drink plenty so you dont get dehydrated. You may find different side effects but I do know that its the only thing I’ve ever found that works and I’ve been on it for about 35 years now.

    Best of luck. I look forward to hearing the results.

  3. Mel says:

    During my reading I noticed that this stuff has been FDA approved to be delived as a nasal spray to stop migraines after they have started. So if it does work, in “breaking the cycle”, I will investigate as to whether I can obtain that here in Australia for future hopefully episodic migraines.

  4. kay jones says:

    That sounds good. I was never a great believer in taking tablets to stop migraine occurring. May as well just take feverfew. But once you have broken the cycle then its marvellous to have a drug to hand you can take at the onset of one. I can have 25 migraines in a month and then go two months with hardly any so that way certainly works for me. Once you get the hang of it you can tell when one is developing and take your drug in time to stop it developing into a bang your head on the wall one. I shall be thinking of you.

    BTW you may only get a card on your birthday. Still waiting for part 3 of your pressie to arrive. bugger bugger bugger

  5. Mel says:

    You’re only sending two buggers? Oooh which two? Are they old buggers? You’re not returning the Murdochs to Australia are you? And here I thought we were friends!

  6. kay jones says:

    The Murdochs have gone to the US. Best place for them if you ask me. I’ve got till friday for the third part of yours to come. If it doesn’t I’ll send the card plus some of it and then send the main part when the ……….. finally arrives/

    Now, thats all as clear as mud

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