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I’ve had variations of this post sitting here for months but didn’t know how to post them without seeming like I was grandstanding on the pain of others. I’ve just heard that Jen’s progress is deteriorating so I’ve got to say something; to let out the feelings I’ve had for a long time regardless how this post is viewed by others.


At the time I was diagnosed with the tumour in the brain that wasn’t, a friend and co-worker was diagnosed with a brain tumour that was.

Jen’s brain tumour is cancerous and aggressive.  She’s  had a very tough time of it in the last year, undergoing chemo and various other therapies.

Jen is physically surrounded by her friends and family and a very positive person; in many ways the opposite of me. She does not whinge, she does not whine. No matter what the topic or how tired or exasperated she was the worst I’ve ever seen Jen do is a little shrug of the shoulders and a “yes … well” before returning to a positive aspect of the conversation.

Jen has all the qualities we are supposed to have: kind, sweet, patient, friendly, approachable, a quiet but wicked sense of humour.  None of these a put-on, these are part of her soul.

She doesn’t deserve to die. She doesn’t deserve this battle she’s been waging for the last year. She’s the type of person you talk to and then ask “Why? What could she have possible done to piss off The Fates?”

I don’t know what it’s been like for the last few months as I haven’t been there, but the Jen I knew would read this post and smile and shrug and say “yes … well” while I rage inwardly that there’s not one damn thing anyone can do to fix the situation.

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2 Responses to Post for Jen

  1. Sometimes the worst shit handed out happens to others. It is seldom fair and never kind. For anyone to go ahead of their time is grossly unfair and it always happens to the nicest people too. I wish her peace and love and painless passing. For those who are left behind, it’s never easy, incredibly frustrating and unbelievably sad. Life goes on but with a huge hole caused by their passing.

  2. Sharon says:

    Hey hon
    Its Sharon here , I’ve just read your post about Jen and unfortunately news is not good. Give me a call and I’ll tell you over the phone or even email me your number and I’ll ring you..

    I hope that everything is going well for you hon, and I hope that you are getting better

    All the best and huge hugz

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