Medical Update: Progress see saw …

For the past couple of weeks things seemed to be improving.  Less waking up in pain, cognitive abilities seemed to be lasting longer throughout the day; I could string a sentence together at 2pm!

Mum was convinced that the new drug regime was working but I was more cautious.  I wasn’t sure if it was the drugs or the lack of triggers.

For the last couple of weeks we’ve had driving rain, howling winds straight from the snow fields and the coldest temperatures of the year.  Basically its weather where you only venture out to put out the garbage and collect more firewood from the shed and scurry back indoors.  I’m not outside leisurely putting clothes on the line or walking around the village to collect the mail.  No-one is whistling as they walk past the house or using chain saws or angle grinders in the back yard.   Mum’s even doing the shopping by herself on the way home from work instead of the two of us making an outing of it.  In summary, I’ve been away from most environmental noise triggers for over a fortnight.

In among that there were two outings. Last Sunday Miss A invited us out to the Hall Markets.  These are an out an outdoor handicraft markets set up in a paddock just outside Canberra. Large crowds, but its all outside and plenty of room to move.  Had a good time for a couple of hours and then ran into a couple of screaming babies/toddlers around lunch and decided it was time to go … Had a migraine that afternoon and was incapacitated with pain for all Monday and Tuesday afterwards.

On Friday I had a doctor’s appointment and then a government stop off to hand in forms etc and then a spot of grocery shopping.  I was almost puking in pain before we got to the supermarket.  The rest of Friday, Saturday and Sunday are filed under “Days I never want to repeat” as they were just that painful.

Yet there was nothing in the Friday outing that I could point to as a specific trigger.

When I was living in Perth, I was on a different set of drugs that just took the edge off the pain and I pushed through with sheer bloody determination every day to get to work and live my life. The decision to quit my job and move in with my mother was based in the idea that if I let my brain and head rest and relax then the parts of my brain that were over-firing and keeping the migraine cycle overclocked would calm down and the drugs could break the constant migraine cycle.

Instead I seem to have sensitived myself to the noise pollution of modern life. All the electronic squeaks, clicks, buzzes, bells, dings, beeps we tune out every minute of our corporate and commercial lives.  I’ve lost the ability to tune out noise.

Next time you are standing in a queue, any queue, stop and listen and count the number and type and pitch of electronic squeaks, clicks, buzzes, bells, dings, beeps you hear – I bet you will be surprised!

The problem here – well there are a number of problems, starting with the diciness of self diagnosis! – is that if I am correct, I hope there is a better solution than immersion therapy because I don’t want to go through Friday – Sunday ever again.

I also hope there’s another factor at play. Something else I haven’t thought of. Something else that made the last three days so bad.

Something else that set back all the progress that we thought we had had. Something else that might be a blip, not a portent.

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4 Responses to Medical Update: Progress see saw …

  1. kay jones says:

    I wish I had some answers for you but I think you need to relate all this to Sir next time you see him. The only observation I can make is to say that Mike went through a period when he had severe tinnitis. This caused him a similar problem to thatg you have. The only thing we found was for him to wear headphones with a walkman (I cant think what the modern equivalent is but you know what I mean) playing soothing music. Not hard rock but something calming and classical; loud enough to block out the noise that was causing the pain but not loud enough to cause pain itself.

    Sending hugs cos that the only positive thing I can do ……..

  2. Mel says:

    Thanks Kay – hugs are always welcome and appreciated 🙂 Very much so !!!

    Writing things down has historically helped me coalesce my thoughts so this blog is partly for that purpose. Also I rely on your guys because as my friends I know you (well at least you, Rosanne and Julie) will tell me straight up if I’m off the deep end or out in left field.

    So this way when I do get in to see the specialist I can actually present my ideas coherently 🙂 Even if he does dismess them out of hand … due to some factor I was unaware of 🙂

  3. Kerry says:

    Hugs – quiet and non-beeping ones.

    As I say every time I comment, I wish I had more to offer.

  4. Mel says:

    Just knowing you guys are here and understand is more than enough Kerry, especially when I know some of you are working through more issues than I am 😦

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