June Stitching Update and organising bug

Well June started off so well in the Stitching department ….

Abi’s Tree of Stitches is now up to and including Part 7

Tree of Stitches

We determined Mystery Start #2 is actually Cross Eyed Kat’s Angle of Love

I stitched up an alternate version of  Ink Circles’ Love Letters Celtic

Love Letters - Celtic

And I started Fanta Cat’s Dragon Feathers Afghan

Fanta Cat Dragon Feathers Afghan June Progress

But then around mid month I got bit by an organising bug. With mum’s help, I went through all the boxes of stuff that came back from Perth and pulled out all the cross stitch stash.  I admit it, I have SABLE (Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy).  Also with various house moves and whatnot I am rather disorganised.

So I’ve spent some time putting fabric in with the charts I’ve bought them for and updating my lust lists with threads still needed etc.  OK I spent days doing this.

Again my Gen X Librarian experience kicks in and yet again I wish I had an electronic catalog / stock management database in which I can list all my inventory of stash (including where it is stored in the house) *and* where I can list all the materials required for each chart in my stash *so*  I can see at a glance whether I have all the materials needed for a particular  project and where all those bits are 🙂

I know there are some stitching inventory programs out there like Organised Expressions and Stash Can, but they only do the first part of the job; listing the inventory.  And they do it badly – last time I looked none of those programs handled  hand dyed threads or fabrics well or any companies beyond the major manufacturers.

Over the years, I’ve had a couple of IT-savvy friends offer to write a program but so far nothing has come of it – probably because this is a major project – not something that can be whipped up over a weekend.  The scope of the project would stretch any friendship so I am not surprised and certainly bear none of them any ill will!

The final suggestion is to learn MS Access and design a database myself. This has always been at the back of mind for when I get the time.  Well now I have the time, I simply don’t have the cognitive abilities 😦

So what does everyone else do?  Or is this a first world problem and I should just give away all of my stash and go back to stitching one project at a time and then this would no longer be a problem for me?

Suggestions? Advice?  Thoughts?

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3 Responses to June Stitching Update and organising bug

  1. kay jones says:

    No you dont giver away all your stash. The postage to send it to me would be prohibitive and I haven’t got enough life years left to do it:))

    In the absence of a good programme to list your stash I would go back to what we did in the dark ages. Sort it into boxes. Label each box and then make a list of what is in each box. Put the lists in a ring binder or even several ring binders.

    I cant stitch on just one project as I tend to get either bored or complacent and then I make mistakes. Picktwo or three projects, either new ones or WIPs and work on them. When you finish one or get really bored with it, put it away and take another. Works for me.

  2. Predeceased says:

    I amy have worked out a way to do this relatively easily. I’ll keep you posted.

  3. Mel says:

    Oooh errr …. really?

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