Need help identifying old TV sci-fi series

Mum and I have just started watching season 1 of Primeval and it reminded her of an older series she used to watch.

The basic premise was each week a group of tourists were taken to a point in history.  They were taken on safari or some other holiday each week via a walkway with instruction to never ever leave the walkway or touch anything in the time period they were visiting.  Of course something would go wrong and that fueled the drama for that episode.

Does this sound familiar? Can anyone place what this program is?  Mum thinks this was a television series but it could have been a movie …

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  1. Predeceased says:

    I suspect your mum is mixing two different memories together. The “Don’t step off the path” is directly from Ray Bradbury’s “A Sound of Thunder”.
    Plot Summary: This classic Time Travel/Alternate History story features big
    game hunter Burns on a safari into the past to shoot a Tyrannosaurus
    Rex. he is warned not to step off the levitated metal walkway,
    but does so, and crushes a butterfly. That accident changes history
    so drastically as to wipe out humanity in the present. A team of
    time-track-fixers must go back to the prehistoric moment and replace
    the butterfly. Can history be unchanged back to our reality? A
    thought-provoking story, awaiting big-budget release.

    Here’s some resources that might help:

  2. Tracy Horner says:

    There was an old Ray Bradbury short story with that plot. They accidentally touched/stepped on a butterfly, if I recall. When they got home all the signs were misspelled. Can’t remember much more.

  3. Tracy Horner says:

    Too funny – Steven’s comment wasn’t showing when I posted. I would have just said, “What he said…”

  4. kay jones says:

    Wasn’t it simply called The Time Travellers. I vaguely remember a tv series of that name.

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