Health Update: Third Month

I’ve been putting off writing this post.

As previously discussed, when I saw the consultant neurologist three weeks ago, I received Botox injections.

Mel: So when’s this Botox supposed to start working

Neurologist: In about a week

Mel: And how will I know it’s working

Neurologist: You wont have any migraines

It hasn’t worked. Or it hasn’t worked as advertised. I still wake up in pain every morning.  If I just potter around for an hour or two it settles into something manageable and I can sometimes have a quiet day at home.  The quiet day part has improved. As long as the pain is at manageable levels I can think and stitch simple patterns (as can seen by previous blog posts).  I can read books again.  I read the first of Suzanne Collins Hunger games trilogy last week in one day.  I also made a pudding from scratch instead of from a packet mix.  So definite improvements on the cognitive fronts.

However what has not improved is the sensitivity to the migraine triggers.  The migraines are still being set off by the smallest incident.  A person whistling as they walk past the house.  An upset baby in a supermarket, an electronic warning device in a supermarket, (or as is happening outside right now) a neighbour mowing his lawn.

Once the migraines are set off the pain levels go up, the tolerance levels go way down, the cognitive levels and coping mechanisms desert me. I can’t think, I can’t articulate, I can’t do anything but inwardly scream and howl in pain and frustration and outwardly concentrate in remaining calm and polite until I flee whatever public situation it is.

And of course the rest of the day is fucked – and the following day or two too. It’s all quite depressing really.

Anyway I have a MRI booked on Wednesday to see if George the blob has grown or moved over the last 12 months.  I had to fight the neurologist every inch of the way to schedule these tests so in some perverse way I am kinda hoping there is some change, while at the same time I am terrified there is change – pretty normal reaction I think there.

And probably also to Plan B for the migraines  – three days in hospital for the next drug therapy.

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4 Responses to Health Update: Third Month

  1. Tempewytch says:

    Yay that you are getting some less painful times but (‘scuse the Anglo Saxon) the rest sounds like a real bugger

  2. kay jones says:

    Thats a bummer that the Botox hasn’t had a good result. I can understand your anxiety about the MRI but it must be time now for something positive to be done. They all seem to have been titting around for far too long and its time they did something to alieviate that pain. I know only too well how depressing migraines can be although I’m fortunate in that I only have to take a Migril and a couple of hours later the pain goes.

    I shall be thinking of you on Wed. Let us know how you get on. Will you get the result the same day?

    Hugs to you both …..

  3. Mel says:

    Yep, because we are coming in from out-of-town, we do the MRI first thing in the morning and then see the specialist mid-afternoon to discuss the results.

  4. rocalisa says:

    That totally sucks that the botox didn’t work.

    I hope the MRI goes well and Plan B for the migraines achieves something more than Plan A did.

    Keep us updated as and when you can.

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