Evolution of a “Sekrit Project”

A few months ago, Tracy of Ink Circles shared with me part of a new design she was working on.  I selected a few colours and a scrap of fabric from mum’s stash and stitched up the motif.

Love Letters Celtic

As you can see, because we used mum’s stash instead of mine, there is no black fabric, no garish, in-your-face colours 🙂  instead it is a rather tasteful, refined mix of colours 🙂

The threads are Carrie’s Fall limited Edition Pack: Golden Oak, Autumn Harvest, Winter Wheat and the red is Merlot. The fabric is I believe the last of our Zweigart Blue Dynasty.

When the final design was released, my scrap of fabric wasn’t quite suited to the design as originally laid out.

Love Letters Celtic

I did however like the colours and motif I had already stitched, so I had a plan to move the elements around to just the three lines of text instead of five. Tracy very very kindly took pity on my migraine-brain and moved the elements of her design around for me.  If it wasn’t for the complicated evolution of this piece, I would never have mentioned my difficulties in placement to her!

Anyway Tracy is a complete sweetheart and the result was this:

Love Letters - Celtic

So that is the evolution of a Sekrit Project and how my design looks so much different to the original ….

Can’t wait for the next design in the series now 🙂 🙂

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3 Responses to Evolution of a “Sekrit Project”

  1. I prefer your layout to the original. Lovely with the motif on the left.

  2. Tempewytch says:

    Very nice! and I like the long oblong shape rather than the squat original

  3. kay jones says:

    Looks great. Love the colours

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