Dragon Feathers Afghan Progress

OK I am having a ball stitching this!  Big holes, easy to see, easy to stitch.  I’m used to the way Fanta Cat writes its charts so it is easy follow.  The colour changes are so far easy to see and logical.

All in all a dream design so far.

Whole design will look like this eventually:

Dragon Feathers Cover Picture courtesy of FantaCat Designs


After only a couple of days stitching, it already looks like this:

That’s the top tips of the horns, the square underneath the left horn and part of the square underneath the right horn tip.

After this, the stitching really behind in earnest!  The whole design is stitched in DMC blends. It will be outlined in Kreinik #8 when the spools arrive and it is stitched on black Anne Cloth.

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