It’s yellow and glowy and in the sky …. but not warm

After a cloudy, grey, drizzly, overcast, depressing week or so, we had sunshine today.  So I took a couple of pieces of stitching out in the sun to photograph them this morning.

Of course as soon as I was all set up, high cloud came over and the batteries went dead so mum and I had lots of fun moving pieces around to capture the best of the weak winter sun as we could, play with both the cameras, discuss the technical aspects of photographing handdyed fabric, discovered that yes my little digital point n shoot camera is indeed over 5 years old, found mum’s first digital camera, worked out how to download the pictures from it and then discovered the pictures weren’t worth downloading ….

As the camera was dying, all the photos were blurry, out of focus, almost double exposed …. I did suggest mum could put them in an art exhibition 🙂

In amongst it all we got in a couple of halfway decent shots of the stitching (no *good* shots) I’m afraid.   I’ve sent off a couple of photographs of a new piece, but I’ll let someone else talk about that piece first 🙂  We did end up with a nice shot of Tree of Stitches (that mum took) which brings out the colours of the threads …

Tree of Stitches

For today at least, the conversation trumped the actual photography.  The conversation evoked memories and created new ones, even if there will be no new photographs to commemorate this 🙂

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