Tree of Stitches Part 6: Cushion Stitch

Cushion Stitch is a new stitch for me so I was a bit slow off the mark in getting this one up and running.  Abi said this one could be used to make a padded effect so I wanted to stitch it in two strands. Unfortunately, in 32ct two strands was way too thick, it just wasn’t going to work, especially when I had stitched Part 5 in only one strand … so out came the first few and in they went again in only one strand.

If this was just a straight satin stitch, the two strands would had worked perfectly. but having half of the threads covered over with a second layer, was too bulky in comparison to the rest of the project.

Also I really wasn’t sure how it was going to look with only half of the top threads being covered – I thought it would looked unfinished …

Tree of Stitches Part 6

Finally, I tend to bring the needle up at the bottom of the stitch and then push it back through at the top of the stitch.  In cushion stitch, Abi’s instructions were the opposite, so that took some time to used to.

So all in all, it took a while for me to get into the flow and rhythm of this stitch.  But when I did it was a lot of fun.  I really enjoyed this part!  I could see so many uses for this little stitch and I’m glad I’ve added it into my repertoire.  Thank you Abi!

Tree of Stitches Part 6

Next up:  Jerusalem Stitch

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3 Responses to Tree of Stitches Part 6: Cushion Stitch

  1. Tempewytch says:

    You seem to be having fun learning the new stitches 🙂 and it is looking better with each part!

  2. kay jones says:

    Its really looking good. Its much more refined than my “in your face” one.

    Congrats on being able to concentrate on this. Things must be improving, even if you cant see it

  3. Mel says:

    Good grief – me refined? You in your face? Have we swapped personalities?

    Afterall you are now stitching on black and all my current projects seem to be on offwhite or pastel fabrics 🙂

    Help – I’m a pod person!

    Actually I really love your bright, vibrant version – it makes me grin with delight everytime I see it!

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